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Our weekend
September 2, 2006, 6:32 pm
Filed under: Family

Our weekend is consisting of a soccer tournament.  It’s  been a lot of fun, and the boys are winning which always makes it more fun!  Jojo has scored in each game and is really becoming a leader.  This is something we’ve been wanting to see.   

After today’s game we got together with some "old friends" whose son Z is playing with Jojo.   (Our good friends the Klrs.)  We had a great time and had an opportunity to watch our Katester’s brother Zac play football on FoxSports!  Katie, he did a GREAT job and we all are so proud of him (especially the kids!)  JD was thrilled every time we saw his face up close.   He got some GREAT press from the commentators and it was really neat to watch! 

We have a game at 8 AM and if we win that one we play in the championship at 12.  We are enjoying watching the kids play, and having Mr. Grits coach.  GO blue!