Reformed Grits

September 9, 2006, 9:50 pm
Filed under: Miracles and other amazing things

Ok, so I have been working REALLY hard at losing weight after this, my 7th pregnancy.  I know, no one expects a woman who has had this many babies to be skinny and honestly, I dont expect or even pray that the saggy biscuit dough tummy skin will all go away…  I am a realist. 

But I also know that I CAN lose some of the "padding" I accumulated naturally with this pregnancy.  Therefore I diet.  And to my credit (yes, now Im simply bragging) I have even been exercising.  Something I havent done since I was pregnant with Sister. 

Please, hold your applause. 

So I needed a little gratification that I am making progress so I did something dumb.  Well, not really dumb– it could have been worse. 

I tried on some "normal" capris.  Not "skinny" but "Im-doing-really-well-if-I-can-wear-these-capris-and-sit-down" capris.  Flat front.  Slim cut.  Button and zip on the side. 

Miracles of all miracles if I didnt get those puppies on!  Praise be!  So I go in to where Mr. Grits is watching The Big Game and dance around a little!  Woohoo look at me!  Granted, they are a bit tight and I cant sit down in them yet but they were buttoned and zipped.  (Applause now, while I have your attention.) 

I go back in my room to take them off.  Unbutton.  And unzip…ouch.   Yea, wont be wearing them for a while.  I got an inch of skin caught in the zipper on the way off.  Ouch.

Boy did THAT hurt my pride!