Reformed Grits

Ahhh the perfect day
October 3, 2006, 6:58 pm
Filed under: Family

So I wake up this morning at 5:30 and feed the baby, gently putting her back in her bed to finish her sweet dreams at 6.  I have a glorious quiet time, and just as I hear the children waking, dressing, making their beds carefully, and cleaning their rooms I sneak out for a vigorous walk.  When I come back in the house I notice that it’s still quiet and the children have made homemade blueberry pancakes and have fresh squeezed OJ on the table.  "Good morning, Mother.  Sit down and eat.  We have finished and will now clean our mess in the kitchen."

I sit down at the table savoring every delicious bite, dripping with warm butter.  Yum.  I put my plate in the dishwasher, which still has room, and I quietly go to my room to dress while the children sit together and play a game, taking turns and sharing. 

I’m quite surprised, when after a long, hot shower, on a whim I easily slip up my size 4’s blue jeans and throw on a clean, pressed shirt I happened to have in the closet.   Mr. Grits bids me a good morning and asks if I would like to join him for lunch that day before getting the kids from school.  Why, I’d be delighted!  Thank you for asking.  He gives me a warm hug and a sweet kiss and goes to get ready.  As I pick up the baby to take her to the car to load everyone for school, I notice that she is playing happily in her bed and her diaper doesn’t need to be changed.  So I leave my room and upon exiting, find the children folding the last of the laundry in the dryer and taking it to their rooms. 

"Let’s go, kids!"  They all hug and kiss me and we get in the car for school.  On the way there, each of the children take turns praying for each other and me and dad, and as we arrive they blow me another kiss and wave as they enter the school. 

Bee and I drive to the grocery store, where all the meat is 50% off today!  What good fortune!  All the produce was fresh and they were giving free samples of every chocolate variety of ice cream and the cheesecake too!  Whew!  Too bad I’m so stuffed after those blueberry pancakes! 

I head home and a neighbor walks up just in time and offers to carry my groceries upstairs while I go nurse the baby.   Why, thank you!   The baby ate well, offered up a petite burp (with no spit up of course) and when I come out, my neighbor has made me a cup of tea and we chat while the cherub is cradled in my arms.  After she leaves, I check the mail and, wouldn’t you know, a new edition of Southern Living!  I lay the baby in her wee bed and begin reading and tearing out some great recipes.  After filing them away alphabetically in my organized "menu" file, I look in the pantry and low and behold there was one last fudge brownie left from last night, so I decide it’s time for a snack, with a cold glass of milk of course!  I read a great novel in the comfy chair, where I fall asleep and take a nice long nap, waking just in time to make that great lunch date.  What a great conversation we had, about how we need to spend more alone time together discussing our family goals. 

All too soon, it’s time to get the children.  There was no wait in the carpool line and my children all hop in and tell me what a great day they had, and that there was no homework!  Hooray!  We celebrate by going to Chickfila where they eat their WHOLE meals with not ONE SPILL and NO ONE gets ketchup on their uniforms!  The baby happily babbles in her carseat.  Since I already had lunch, I just decided on one of their delicious chocolate shakes.  Yum.  I watch the children happily play on the playground until they come to me and say, "Mommy, we are ready for our naps.  May we go home now?"  Well, of course. 

We all go home, the older ones offering to put the little ones to bed.   The big kids come down and we all play Monopoly together until it’s time to make dinner.  We all head in to the kitchen where we all choose a portion of the dinner to cook.  Right on time, the younger sleepyheads wake up and everyone goes outside to play, waiting for daddy to come home.  As he pulls up the driveway, the dog runs to get the paper and then gets his slippers for him as he sits in the comfy chair and everyone gathers around to talk about their day. 

Ding.  Dinner’s ready!  We all sit down at the table in our assigned seats to avoid fighting and after blessing the meal we have hearty food and conversation, after which we all clean the table and do the dishes.   We retire to the living room where daddy reads to us from an old Scottish tale we have been reading, then share a small family devotional.   Once we see the kids yawning, we shoo everyone off to brush teeth, potty, get water and climb in to their made beds.  Daddy and I kiss them all, pray with them, and quietly shut their doors. 

We tiptoe downstairs for some quiet time on the back porch in rocking chairs listening to the crickets and enjoying a fine pinot noir.   We go arm in arm to our sanctuary and retire for the night. 

How boring would this all be?  Gee, I don’t know but wouldn’t it be fun to find out???