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Mommy Guilt
October 20, 2006, 9:32 am
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Some things in life you just can’t control.   

Today, my Poo who is a kindergartener, is going on his second field trip of the year with no parent.   And what is worse,  he is the only one in his class who does not have a parent going with him.   
I totally understand the policy– no siblings on field trips– but that kind of ties my hands when I have a nursing infant.  I can’t just take off the jugs and hand them to a babysitter.    That stinks sometimes.   What is sweet, is that he totally gets it and when his classmates heard his mommy wasn’t going with him today they thought I was sick.  He had to explain that she couldn’t go because she had to take care of his baby sister.   

I know this is just for a season, and by the end of the year I will be able to go for longer stretches so this won’t be an issue forever.  It makes me a bit sad, though, that I’m missing all these firsts for him.  And the fun for the others.  JD had a trip yesterday and told me he wished I could come because "it was the coolest field trip ever."   I relegate myself to hearing about it second hand as I try to not tear up. 

Mommy guilt is often false guilt.   They had fun and are perfectly fine that I didn’t go, even though they wish I could.   I just wish I could get over it as easily as they do.  They are growing up too fast, right before my eyes. 


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First of all, shouldn’t they make exceptions for nursing babies?
But, you are right, this is truly false guilt. I know Poo will have a great time and will be excited to tell you all about it! It is harder for us mommies!!!
John went with Reagan today because I did not have anyone to watch McKinley. He had a meeting that got cancelled, so thankfully it all worked out this time.
Maybe you guys could have your own pumpkin patch field trip to the Calera pumpkin patch and Mr. Grits and all the kids could go. That would be fun!

Comment by penny

I’m sorry! I know that must be hard for you. i agree with penny they should make an expection if you are nursing. I’m sorry! Keep in mind you wont get to miss all his field trips.
I’m sorry! 😦

Comment by katester

Mommy guilt is just one of those things that starts the instant they are born, doesn’t it? I had to miss a couple of trips with Abby when Logan was an infant. I, too, was sad. But now that Hays has come behind Abby, and Logan will come behind Hays, I still get to go on the field trips!

Comment by Kristi

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