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Milk Blister
October 26, 2006, 3:39 pm
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Have any nursing moms out there had one of these?  I have my second one ever right now.  Ouch.  Normally I would go in to what it looks like and what I had to do to it, but this is a public blog and I don’t know you so I will save you the embarrassment of having me describe what this thing looks like, given it’s location. 

You are welcome.

I will tell you, it HURTS!  And to boot I think I’m getting a clogged duct.  I have a weird situation too where I only nurse from one side so my poor injured jug is limping along.  Bee is no worse for the wear.  She is growing so big and has little chub all over.  She is so sweet and happy most of the time now and gives out smiles to anyone who tries to gain one.  She also chuckled at me today when I was playing with her.  Yes, moms of 6 DO take time out to play with and enjoy their little ones.   Totally made my day. 


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Never had a milk blister, never even heard of it…only spent what seems like three years of my life nursing!!!! With the clogged duct, I just ran really hot water on a wash rag, squeezed out excess water and then held the rag on the clogged duct for a few minutes before nursing. It helped to get the milk flowing, thus getting the milk out of the duct.

Comment by Kristi

Never had a blister either but it just SOUNDS painful…so sorry.

Comment by Caroline

Sounds horrible! Makes me anxious about nursing this little “Easter Egg” growing in my tummy! Didn’t you coin that name for our baby since our due date is Easter?

Comment by penny

I was thinking about having another “baby bee” or “Easter egg” myself, but my mood swings and now your blog’s talk of milk blisters has encouraged me to keep my legs crossed for at least another month or two!! Thanks!;-)

Comment by Andrea

The words sore nipple make me laugh.. I dont know why. Milk Buster sounds like rollercoaster ride. hahaha!

Comment by katester

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