Reformed Grits

Ahhhh soccer reprieve
October 28, 2006, 10:14 pm
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Today was our first weekend since I can remember without soccer!  Hooray!  We love soccer but were really ready for our lives to not revolve around it. 

Mr. Grits and I slept in, and enjoyed a leisurely morning.  Around 11 we went out to plant the bulbs of my granddaddy’s that we dug up from our old house before we moved.  I don’t know if any of them were actually viable but we will know in the spring.   He then went on to do a little yard work while I really did nothing of much consequence in the house. 

At 3:30 we went to our school’s Fall Festival and really had a great time.  I was thankful that we didn’t spring for the $20 armbands as most of my kids had more than enough with their $5 cards (the little ones especially) and the older ones pitched in $5 of their own to get a $10 card which totally was enough (JD actually had some punches left.)  Jojo ran around playing with the kids his age and really didn’t need much at all.  He waited it out til the end when they were GIVING the candy away!  Everyone had a good time, including Mr. Grits and I as we got to fellowship with friends. 

We came home; the little ones got baths, and I made a late dinner.  Now we are just sitting back and relaxing for a change (I take that back; Mr. Grits is studying for his Monday midterm.) 

I have another sinus headache so I am on my way to bed.  Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend as much as we are!