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Kitchen Days
October 30, 2006, 2:54 pm
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Do you have a comforting "food smell" from your childhood?  Like the house on Thanksgiving?  Or something your mom made that just smelled yummy?  Those things can take you back, can’t they? 

I have a couple of "food smell memories."   One, that my kids and I were talking about at Sunday breakfast, was going to visit my grandparents in the summer.  We would stay for weeks at a time because they had air conditioning in their house and we did not (remember, DEEEEEP south here!)  It was almost mandatory it was so hot.  One summer we returned from out of town and our candles had LITERALLY MELTED.  Crazy hot.  Anyhow, on Saturdays at my grandparents’ house I would awaken to the smell of percolating coffee, bacon, and my granddaddy’s waffles.  I could EAT that smell.  There was always plenty and it was just a happy thing to wake to, knowing I was on vacation at my grandparents. 

Another one is brownies.  I grew up in a house where the main thing you could do to please my dad was to put out a plate of warm brownies.  The only way to make him happier would be to load it up with a ton of vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s syrup.  I loved to make brownies because I knew it would make him happy.  Oh, the simple strivings of a young child! 

The other food memory I have is when I was in high school.  I took a lot of "challenging classes" and was on the SGA, was a cheerleader, played softball, was an officer in the NHS, etc, etc, etc.  I frequently was stressed out.  One day, I had evidently fallen asleep doing my homework and woke up to the smell of homemade bread.  Not just ANY homemade bread, but sourdough bread.  My mom had made some from a starter she had gotton (from my future mother-in-law) and had baked a loaf while I lay exhausted in my bed.   When I woke up, it was dark outside but I smelled that bread and my mom came in to the room and asked me if I would like some.  (Yes, please, with butter.)  I just remember the homey feeling it gave me. 

Today I have spent most of the day in the kitchen.  I think y’all know I LOVE to cook.  It gives me great satisfaction to know my family will be eating something yummy that they will enjoy.  I started off making some taco soup.  Now I have 2 loaves of homemade 100% whole wheat bread in the oven, and as soon as it comes out I will be putting in a batch of cowboy cookies.   The house smells incredible.  The kids will be taking a portion of all of that down the street to a friend who just had her first baby.  When they walk in the door, I hope they develop a "food smell memory" of home, and the good things their mom loved to cook for them. 


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What great memories of visiting with your grandparents. I don’t have any particular “smell” memories that I can remember. I just pray that as Kenny and I have grandkids (God has prepared our hearts, but my kids, that’s another story) we can be the special place you are talking about!

Comment by Lisa

I have smells and tastes that can just bring me back!! My grandfather used to mix grape juice and ginger ale and give it to grandkids. It tasted sooo good. I think of him evertime I make it for my kids. I just love things that bring you back to happy times!!

Send me the cowboy cookie recipe!! sounds yummy!

Comment by Jennifer Wilson

I love the smell of waffles, bacon and fresh bread too!!!! One day you’ll have to make me a loaf of that whole wheat bread. The only time I get to smell fresh bread baking is at Subway! 😉

Comment by Andrea

Fresh bread would prolly be a precious memory for me if i didnt use 2 work with it! With my moms store when i was younger and at edgars! My mom makes really good spaghetti. That will always me memory coming out of my room from doing homework and smelling speghetti!! I have memories of walkin in your house, b/c it almost always smelled like something was cooking!! Most of the time u were cooking something

Comment by katester

How did I miss this blog??

My memories include french toast on Saturday’s and potato soup when I was sick.

I wonder what my kids will remember?!

Comment by Caroline

The smell of fried chicken at my Nanny’s house! And you know the grease just lingers on everything. I miss that smell. Alas, we are a low carb household, so no “real” fried chicken here!

Comment by Fiddledeedee

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