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Works For Me Wednesday
November 1, 2006, 12:05 am
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Wfmwheader_copy3_7_8 Ok, I’m pulling an absolute "shameless" here… I have been shopping on the internet for my Christmas shopping for YEARS.  I don’t like to shop and forget being able to hunt for bargains.  My time is too precious.  So a few years back I signed up at  Oh you haven’t heard of it?  Well, it’s a gateway site and you can save up to 25% on online purchases.  Lands’ End, Amazon, Target, Children’s Place,, Gap, Old Navy,  and YES, even Toys R Us!  (THINK CHRISTMAS!)  Not only do you get percentages BACK but you often get preferred status coupons like free shipping,  or plain ol’ bucks to your credit just for going through ebates!  This is free money, folks.  I have used it for years and have made a good bit of money back by doing so.  On top of this, if you click on this link you will automatically get $5 and so will I when you register and make your first purchase (hence, the shameless plug). Seriously, go check it out and you will find your favorite stores there, I’m guessing.  If you are gonna shop there anyhow, might as well save some money too!  But I’m not telling you about it just so I will get credit.  It really and truly IS What Works For Me!