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Good times ahead!
November 17, 2006, 12:57 am
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Well, it’s Friday and I should be back in business.  My house is relatively clean.  My laundry is mostly caught up.  Obligations met.  Now I just have to plan for the good times ahead! 

Tonight we are going to our Encourager’s Group at church which will be at our dear friends’ the K’s house.  Other friends, who just happen to be our pastor and his wife, will be there sharing and I’m very  much looking forward to it!  My sweet mom is coming to babysit the children at home and Mr. Grits and I are in desperate need of a night out.  Not to mention we are looking forward to being with friends and having good food.  Mrs. K asked me to bring dessert so I am trying to decide what to make but at the moment I’m thinking about this.  Something more fall-ish maybe be in order though.  I’m thinking. 

Tomorrow is a big day too.  We are going to the Grits Patriarchial home for an early Thanksgiving.  That will be fun!  It’s also the big Iron Bowl (Alabama vs Auburn WAR EAGLE!).  But at the Grits house, we all we be watching another big game:  Michigan vs. Ohio State.   Oh yes,  my dear husband’s family are The Biggest Michigan fans.  The men are all pumped about the game and  all the women are worried it will ruin the day if they get slaughtered (aka lose even by a point.)  My great mother-in-law has asked me to bring Broccoli Salad which we love.  This recipe is the closest I could find to what I actually make, except I use red onions.  (Although, after reading this I may use the green ones!)  I am also bringing my cowboy cookies (see sidebar for recipe link.)   You can pray for me ahead of time.  I’m going to attempt to re-take the kids’ Christmas picture.  The good thing is, that Sugie will be able to wear her new Christmas outfit! 

Sunday we hope for a day of rest.  Not likely but we can hope, right?  Happy day, that our Katie will be coming for a visit!  We haven’t seen her in months and we all miss her so much!  That evening we have our churchwide Thanksgiving meal.  I’m considering taking more broccoli salad to that and maybe something else like my MIL’s braided bread.  (I need to figure out how to link to something that is actually not in cyberspace.  I have it in a word doc. but that doesn’t help you!  If you’d like the recipe please do email me!) 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!