Reformed Grits

November 22, 2006, 9:08 am
Filed under: Life, Works For Me Wednesday

Well, for the SECOND week in a row I have had to UNpublish my WFMWednesday post as last week it wound up being the Christmas edition which I was UNprepared for.  And today she didn’t have it.  Just trying to plan ahead and ya get whopped upside the head. 

And for all INTENTS AND PURPOSES, I am still waking up with Baby Bee in the night.  Two nights ago, I let her cry for an hour and a half.  Yes, I said an hour and a half.   If she didn’t need to nurse before pitching that fit, I figured she did after 1 1/2 hours of it.  So I nursed her.  Last night I put her upstairs in her "for real" bed (not the makeshift one in my closet– a play pen) because Sugie, who she will be roommates with,  had decided on this holiday-eve to sleep in Jojo’s room with him.  Around 3ish after she had been crying for a little while, I heard the pitter patter of little feet above me.  I went to check it out and JD, wrapped in a blanket and sleepwalking, was coming out of her room.  Evidently, sometime after we had tucked them in, Sugie had returned to her room and left the door open so everyone upstairs could her the Bee screaming her head off.   So of course I took her back downstairs.  And nursed her. 

So it’s official.  I will not be getting any sleep any time soon.  So you can at least be a little gracious with me if you see some spelling or grammar errors or maybe even messing up some phrases.  Especially if you happen to be getting some sleep at night.