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Thankful things
November 23, 2006, 12:34 am
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In honor of the holiday, I’d like to post 20 things I’m thankful for, in no particular order.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

1.  That I have been redeemed by the sacrifice of my Lord Jesus Christ and will not have to spend eternity apart from Him. 

2.  For God’s Word, the Bible, which gives me an example, pattern, and direction for my life.

3.  For my wonderful, amazing, handsome, hard-working husband, the ever-wonderful Mr. Grits.

4.  For Jojo, my firstborn, for making me a mother and for his beautiful heart that loves to serve.

5.  For Sister, my firstborn daughter, who loves her family so deeply and is always willing to help.

6.  For JD, my funny middle son, who always has a smile on his sweet freckled face and a story to share.

7.  For Poo, my youngest son, who has a great desire to be needed and to serve and who loves so completely.

8.  For Sugie, my middle girl, who keeps us in stitches and never ceases to make me feel necessary.

9.  For my heaven-born son, John Knox, who enabled me to know what it means to be held and who I can not wait to hold again in heaven when he and I are reunited.

10.  For my precious Baby Bee– for being healing balm to a broken heart, joy in the morning, and a gift I "should" have never had.

11.  For my wonderful church where the Word is faithfully taught and I have met so many wonderful people who enrich my life.

12.  For my extended family– my mommy who loves me; my sister who tolerates me; and all the rest who I know I can rely on, including wonderful inlaws. 

13.  I’m very thankful for the grace God gives me to get through every day– whether it’s stressful or mundane I continue making it through only by His sustaining hand.

14.  I am thankful to live in the day and age where I can have air conditioning in the summer; heat in the winter; a dishwasher; washer and dryer; garage door openers; electricity; hot water; and so on.  I’m a tad spoiled, but I do consider myself blessed!

15.  I am thankful that I had numerous people in my life teach me to sew.  It’s such a source of pleasure for me to be able to make something out of virtually nothing.  My mom first; then Mrs. Hayes my home ec teacher; Mrs. Bettye Ponder who I spent some weeks with in the summer as a teenager; Mrs. Cindy Rushing who taught me to smock.  I may not even recognize most of these women on the street but I do remember the investment they made in my life. 

16.  I am thankful for the experience I had of going to Scotland in ’05 and I look forward, by God’s grace, to going back next summer.  I am thankful for the things I learned about missions and for the love He placed in my heart for those wonderful people who (or is it "whom," Caroline??) I still pray for in the area we visited. 

17.  I am thankful for my job for the school that allows me to send my children to a wonderful school with wonderful teachers and principal where they learn about God every day. 

18.  I’m thankful for cell phones.  ‘Nuff said.

19.  For this corner of cyberspace where I can record snapshots of my life that will remind me of what life is like with 6 young children. 

20.  I am very thankful for my wonderful friends who give me strokes by coming to read this silly little blog where I just sit and talk about myself all day.  Y’all are the bestest! 

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!  Count YOUR blessings!