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I need something to blog about…
November 26, 2006, 9:12 pm
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Random things:

–  Our house is decorated for Christmas but we don’t have a tree.  Well, we got an inexpensive fake tree for our kids to have upstairs.  They are making the ornaments and have colored lights on it, which I can’t abide. 

–  Mr. Grits had a Session meeting, so I didn’t want to cook a real dinner for the kids, knowing full well they wouldn’t eat it and I’d get frustrated.   That and I need groceries.  It was a dash for the pantry to figure out "WHAT can I make with a can of pumpkin, some chocolate chips, and flour."  The answer came out to pumpkin pancakes which are a treat and we love them.  So I start cooking and lo and behold I’m out of eggs.  So NOW what can I make?  I found an old recipe for homemade granola so that’s what we had!  It was yummy and we were all satisfied.   Weird. 

–  Strange but true:  we have 2 dining rooms in our house.  One is more formal; one is smaller and has french doors to the back screened in porch.  Our original plan was to have breakfast and lunch in the smaller one (we call it "the green room" because I painted it "Boston Fern" from Behr.  Nice color), and to have dinner together in the other one.  (It’s just tan.  And has holes in the wall where Sugie yanked on the curtains and the rod came flying out the wall and fell on her.  But I digress.) 

But we don’t. 

And part of the reason is because the green room has become my extended laundry room (ok, not really but the REAL laundry room is just off of the green room and…) You can imagine how much laundry we generate.  G’ head.  Just imagine.  See the moving laundry at the bottom of the pile?  That’s either me trying to get out… or it’s that the dirtiest of items down there are trying to crawl away. 

Digressing again.   So right now it’s because the green room is my sewing room and I have some serious sewing going on.  I am sewing handbags for the women in the family (anyone got a clue for the men???), a dress for Bee for her baptism (I can not believe I haven’t made that poor child a thing!), and some Roman blinds for one of the MDO classrooms.  It’s a mess. 

Yes, that was my whole point. 

-I have been thinking about trying to figure out a way to raise money for our Scotland missions trip next summer.  I thought about making some of those purses and selling them but I’m really not sure (1) how much they would be worth and (2) where to go about selling them and (3) if I will consistently have the time to do that and most importantly, if anyone would even want one!  I made one for Sister and I patterened it after her Bible so she uses it to take it to church (she is very much not into purses.)  It’s really cute. (Picture below…)  The loop for the toggle is sticking up because I haven’t figured out just what I want to use for it yet. 


Told you I needed something to blog about! 


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I LOL as I pictured you trying to escape your dirty laundry.

I would buy one of your bags….I love them

Comment by Caroline

I, too, have a pile of laundry that wiggles. I think that I’ve buried a small child under there! No, wait, all three went to school this morning…I probably really don’t want to know why it wiggles.

Comment by Kristi

I LOVE the bag!!! I’d like 2 or 3. One for my bible (love the idea, though mine is quite small), on for a purse, and one for our chuch bag (you know, with all the child entertaining items). Seriously though, I would be interested!!

You’re blogs always make me laugh. I can just imagine what you’d find at the bottom of my laundry pile. lol Actually, one time it was a quarter. Gee, what a find!!!

You could try selling them at
It’s a nice website of handmade items. A friend of mine told me about it, to try selling some of the jewelry I’ve been making. I haven’t used it yet, but you might want to give it a try.

Comment by Dorian, Miles, Marcus, and Mackenzie

you know I’d buy!! I’d also buy an outfit like one of those cute things you made for Sugie. And I’d pay for you to sew dresses for my girls ANY TIME!! (They love to match)

I hate being out of eggs. Don’t you just wish for chickens?!?!

Comment by Meg

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT HAS FLIP FLOPS ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by katester

I love the bag too! Good size, although I think I’d want just a slightly longer handle…just barely. Beautiful! I was going to suggest an etsy shop as well.

Good job!

Comment by Kel

Cute bag!!!! I’ll pay you to sew me some curtains, can you do that? Just curious. I need some for my bedroom, and we all know that I can’t sew at all!!!!!! Yep…the bag idea is also worth pursuing. Very cute. Put me down for a diaper bag, but we’ll have to wait until April to see if it needs to be blue or pink. (probably pink)

Comment by penny

Cute Purse!!! I’d buy one too!

Comment by Andrea

Cute bag!! Now you just need to monogram it!! 🙂

Comment by Jennifer Wilson

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