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Limerick Thursday
November 30, 2006, 6:36 pm
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There once was a mom who went shopping

but money she did not love dropping.

She lived for the free stuff

(This mom ain’t no cream puff!)

And that way she bought without stopping.  😀 


Our family loves Christmas each year.

It’s such a good time of great cheer!

Christ’s birth we observe,

In reverence, preserve.

God with us, Emmanu’el, revere.


Shopping “Free”dom
November 30, 2006, 12:23 pm
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Just about everyone who knows me knows I do NOT like to shop.  I have mentioned before, too, that I hate money and it stresses me out.  Well, yesterday I actually got to enjoy shopping!  I had to do my shopping for stocking stuffers for my kids (no easy feat with 6 kids!) and I was able to use not only some money that someone had kindly given me for that purpose, but also my rebate check!  (Ok, ok, I know, I will quit raving now!)  So that was all free. 

On the way out of the shopping center I remembered I had an unused portion of a gift card that I had not used so I was able to use the remainder to buy some really nice Christmas decorations to put on top of my cabinets in my kitchen.  One is a nice big set of those opaque-glass, glazed snowmen and the other thing I got were some Christmas-y tall platform candlestands.  That was fun! 

After having lunch with my hubby I remembered he had a gift certificate for $15 to the local Christian bookstore he had gotton as a thank-you for being a Sunday School teacher.  I asked if I could use it to go buy this which I have been wanting ever since I first saw it.  (BIG fan!)  So of course he obliged and off I went. 

You know, I really don’t like to shop… but when I get everything for free it ain’t so bad!  😀