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December 4, 2006, 7:08 pm
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I am thinking most both of my readers read other blogs out there, right?  Well, even if you don’t know the blogger personally do you ever read their blogs with a "voice" that you have assigned to them?  Maybe it’s just ME hearing the voices (again.  Mwahaha) but I read here and in my mind she has a low, even-toned, warm voice. 

When I read here, I hear mischief in her voice like she’s up to something.  I can "hear" the inflection of what she writes.

Here, I just hear a friend, like we would be talking while painting our toenails.  Not-that-I-do-that-with-other-people. 

Here I hear a spunky-voiced lady who talks like she has a list as long as her arm and she is going to finish it.  Before you.  And make homemade bread and candles while she does it.  And dig a pond.  And pour a driveway.  And build a house with her bare hands.  And give birth at home, alone.  So it doesn’t surprise me that she does all those things.  (Well, except the house but I wouldn’t put it past her!)  I hear all that in her voice. 

Here I hear a quiet, meek voice.  I hear a watchful young woman who is kind and thoughtful. 

All the rest of y’all I know what y’all’s loud mouths sound like so I can’t use my imagination… but I do hear your voices when I read. 

Or maybe I am just crazy for hearing the voices…


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Oh, you are not alone. I hear voices, too, and imagine their faces as they talk!

Comment by Kristi

I love that I was blogged about! Seriously – that’s so cool!!! Ok, I always have my toes painted too (although not currently as pretty as yours…about half grown out, but still red… by the way, are you like me and think that it is a waste of our God-given toes to put a pale color on them?) and what is wrong with talking while painting toes? Add in some ice cream and it sounds like a fantatic girls night! =)

You. Rock.

Comment by Kel

Hey, there I am too!! 🙂

I’m not sure about the quiet, meek voice. I think dh would disagree. lol

Comment by Dorian, Miles, Marcus & Mackenzie

Hey, there I am too!! 🙂

I’m not sure about the quiet, meek voice. I think dh would disagree. lol

Comment by Dorian, Miles, Marcus & Mackenzie

I definitely hear your voice when I read your blog! Same goes for the other blogs I ready, pretty funny.

Comment by penny

I love your new look on the blog. So perfect!

I hear their voices too. Sometimes I talk about something they wrote on their blogs to my hubby or kids and they look at me like I am crazy. 🙂 “You don’t even know these people!”

Comment by Caroline

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