Reformed Grits

“Be dependable!” Or,”Listen, O my sons!”
December 8, 2006, 4:42 pm
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Why don’t people do just what they should do and no less?  There is not much worse than an empty promise.  I continue to find out who among us is trustworthy and who is best avoided.  It’s one thing when you face circumstances beyond your control but if you can’t deliver DON’T MAKE PROMISES!!

So what has gotton me off on this rant?  A couple things.  First off, let’s talk about bugs.  I can’t stand them.  It has taken me to this our 16th year of marriage to be able to see a creepy-crawlie without making our neighbors wonder if they should call 911.  I admit.  I’m a screamer when it comes to them.   So a few months back I declared to Mr. Grits that it was time to call a professional bug guy.  So I looked up who our termite bond is with and they explained to me that they provide a quarterly service that will kill the bugs in our home and put up a barrier around our home.   No more bugs.  I should stop seeing bugs within 24 hours, I was told.  Well, at least live bugs– and that’s ok.  And if, per chance, I happen to have another bug I should call and they would come out and fairly douse my home with more of their pixie dust.   Sign me up!  So they come out and the guy does his thing around my house and I happily plop over my $80.   For the next week, everyday, it’s the Psycho shower scene all over…  the screaming part anyway (and I could swear I heard that music -ee ee ee ee- every time).  So I call them up and they happily come over to spray.  Days later.  Ditto.  So after a while, I’ve decided losing a day every week to have some stranger come to my house and wander around to see where my earthly treasures are is NOT a good value.  I’m still seeing bugs.  I have a life outside of watching the clock.  So I quit calling. 

Renewal time–  hey don’t you want us to come for your quarterly spraying?  Don’t bother, I say.  It was not what I expected.  Then the lady goes on to tell me the man is no longer with them and he likely didn’t do the right tnings, blah blah blah… basically, "PLEASE let us come back to collect our money so the man can spray our worthless concoction around your house!!"  I told her that I would NOT be paying for again to get what I didn’t receive the first time.  So she says can the supervisor come out.  Sure.  Bring it. 

So he starts telling me how "these things take time" and how you won’t see results for a while, etc, etc.  In my mind, I’m hearing the little flashback tape recorder saying, "You’ll be seeing NO BUGS after 24 hours!"  Let’s make up our minds, people!  SO without further ado, the flashing lights and sirens around this man’s running mouth made me realize this was NOT who I wanted to do business with.  No one knows the product.  No one knows what it’s supposed to do.  No one expects that it will help.  All they know is they like it when folks leave the check on the back porch for them.  The man actually told me that he has some people who write him checks and ask "what it’s for."  Huh??

Ok, and the other thing that has annoyed me (if you are even still reading…)  is Current Catalog!  You know, the folks with the cheery wrapping paper and cards and little figurines, etc… Ok, so I ordered some gift labels with my kids’ picture on them so that their cousins could look at the package and know who it’s from (they are little, for the most part…)   The website and catalog said a quantity was 36.   I got a package of 12.  Long story short, called again, got an apology and a promise for an additional 36 as it should be.  Today I got my package.  Of 12.  One more time… and today the lady said it would be here… by January 30. 

SO that’s the least of my worries!  2 weeks ago they shipped out my thank you notes and all my wrapping paper I ordered well in advance of Thanksgiving (Nov 15 to be exact.)  It has been sitting in a Montgomery post office for over a week now.   I’m ready to wrap some presents and I CAN’T!  I have called twice now and they told me that if it wasn’t here by today they would re-ship.   Well, today they said they have to wait until Monday because that was the earliest they could. 

My sons are watching, and the teacher in me is pointing out all these happenings and saying, "BE DEPENDABLE!  Be trustworthy.  Your word is your bond.  Do not make promises you can’t keep.  Know what you are capable of delivering.  And deliver!!!"

Preferably, before Christmas.


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One word…Raid.
We used to get pest control around here too, and we quit for the very same reasons.
They actually told me that they use something around the house to ATTRACT the creepy-crawlies. Whatever.
I go around the house 2 times a year and spray around every single baseboard and in closets ect. Then I place the Combat bait things under furniture in every room. Viola…no more bugs…except dead ones, for about $20 a year.

Comment by Gayle

I am the very same way about keeping your word. Don’t lie…if you can’t do it, say so!!

Comment by Kristi

My my.. do I since a little bit of aggravation in your tone? 😉
I know what ya mean I’m exactally the same way! I can’t stand Lying!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Andrea

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