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December 20, 2006, 3:10 pm
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Milk I really am here.  Actively trying to make rich milk has taken away a lot of my "free time" (cough, cough) and as a result my blogging has suffered.  In my down time I have to rest and I am really, really trying to do that!   As I am sitting in my bed with my laptop a million things that I "need" to do are running through my mind. 

Friday night Mr. Grits and I went to our Encourager’s Group Christmas party and as always had a wonderful time.  I walked away with a set of the Snowflake Candleholders seen here (I tried to get a separate link but it was stingy with me.) They are very pretty and highly recommended.   Good times. 

Saturday we found out Jojo had strep so we had to dr him up.  This time of the year we felt it was our social responsiblity for us to all stay home to make sure no one else had it before we "shared the joy" with others, so we watched our church service in a live webcast on our tv at home on Sunday morning.  That was cool.   

Tuesday night I went to an ornament swap (what happened there, stays there).   It was, um, mildly entertaining.  snicker, snicker.  I learned more than I ever wanted to know about some folks. 

So today I am resting and recovering and lactating.  It’s a dirty job, but someone must do it. 

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, in the next few days I am planning on putting a blog up with whatever bags I have available.  I have made a couple and will put them up.  But typepad says I need a blog name.  So therefore, I’d love some suggestions.  Since it is for Scotland, a Scottish reference would nice… Nothing too hokey… I’m not going to make a huge issue of it but I will tell you now that I will just put a link in the places I hang out section… So there ya go.


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What about Tartan or something with that in it. All I can think of when I see your blog is …Do they have on anything under their skirts?? I know, I am bad!!!

Comment by Jennifer Wilson

How about Bags for Blarney??? hee, hee!

Comment by Kristi

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