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No medals necessary
December 28, 2006, 11:07 pm
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To make a long story short, tonight while I was watching all 6 of my kids plus 3 of my sister’s kids over at my dad’s house a chow-mix dog came over and started attacking the 5 y/0 nephew.  I ran over, picked him up, and tried to run with him but the dog jumped up on me biting me once on the shoulder and once on the back of the leg!  I held him over my head (because the dog was jumping up trying to get him still) and eventually put him up where the dog couldn’t get to him and helped the other kids get to safety too.  It was very scary but the dog finally left.  That dumb dog ripped one of TWO shirts that fit my chest.  😦 

Later at home, Jojo came up and thanked me for looking out for everyone during that scary time.  I told him that there were circumstances where moms will do anything to protect their children (ok, and their nephews).  That it didn’t mean I wasn’t afraid but sometimes something in you screams out that you must act, and you must.  And that that wasn’t just moms, but as a future man he would have times like that.  He was concerned that he wouldn’t have been brave enough to do it in my shoes.  I told him that if I hadn’t been there I was sure beyond a doubt that he would have acted courageously and boldly to protect his cousin and certainly everyone else there.  He wasn’t so sure, but I was.  I know him and I think sometimes it takes confrontation and inspiration to know what you would do in a hard situation.   Now that he’s thought about it I’m confident he would be the one grabbing kids and running for his life.  I hope I inspired him to be a courageous warrior in the future, even though I was just being the mom.  Next time, he’ll be the man.   


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Oh MY!! How very frightening!
I have more questions to ask but won’t flood this comment section. I will call later.

Comment by Caroline

That is scary! And, it’s also the precise reason that we have a cat! I will say that you do deserve a medal, not just for the rescue, but for watching 9 children by yourself to begin with!!! And, what a wonderful lesson you taught your son. I’m sure he will never forget it!

Comment by penny

That just about made me cry! Are you okay??? I bet the children were terrified.

Praise God you were there and all is well.

Comment by Meg

Oh my, praise God you all are ok!!! WTG, Mom/Aunt!!!

Comment by Dorian, Miles, Marcus & Mackenzie

Oh my, praise God you all are ok!!! WTG, Mom/Aunt!!!

Comment by Dorian, Miles, Marcus & Mackenzie

Oh my GOODNESS! You are discussing this so rationally! Are you ok!??! Is the boy ok? What ended up happening to the dog?

I’m glad you lived to tell about it! Way to go mom!!!

Comment by Kel

I don’t even know where to begin!! Are you okay…did anyone have to see a doctor…is the dog a family pet or just in the neighborhood??

Comment by Kristi

Just to add to the questions…Whose dog was it, and are they going to do something about it? That is so scary!
You know, JoJo will remember that forever. You go, girl!

Comment by Gayle

Oh MY! I will let Brooke come over and play under your care anytime! Way to go, Super woman!! How is your bite healing? Let me know all the answers to the above questions too! We need more details!

Comment by Andrea

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