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To answer your questions…
December 30, 2006, 10:02 am
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Thanks for everyone’s emails, etc asking about the whole dog thing.  I’ll try to answer your questions best I can:

–  YES, I’m fine.  The bite on the back of my leg is still a little swollen and sore it I only feel it when I sit but it doesn’t hurt.  The one on my shoulder is worse but I don’t ever feel that one. 

–  My nephew is fine.  I think he had the tiniest of scratches on his forehead but like I said, the dog was aggressively playing with him.  He was just mad at me because I took his toy away! 

–  The dog?  Well, I foolishly didn’t make any phone calls and let him off the hook just because I was at a family gathering and didn’t want to be bothered by it.  There was no collar on the dog and it was very dirty.  Dumb decision because I hope it doesn’t hurt someone else.  I just wanted to be over it.  I really didn’t want to make a deal.  So if I come down with rabies, y’all look for an above-the-knee golden chow dog in my dad’s neighborhood, ok?  He’ll probably be dead by then though.  I’m kidding!!

–  Yes the kids were really scared (well, the younger ones) and JD couldn’t sleep that night (he actually was scared because the dog bit me and I kissed him, so he was afraid he might have rabies.  Wow, that’s um really nice.)  but all is well now.   I think my sister was more upset than anyone and she wasn’t there… but then she had dealt with her 2 year old swalling a Coreg the night before and going to the ER.  Fun for all.  And of course these things only happen when her DH is out of town. 

–  Did you know it’s a state law that dog bites must be reported??  I didn’t know but I did call the Dept. of Health and they said, "We don’t take individual reports.  It must come from your doctor."  WHAT?  You mean I have to go to the doctor for a scratch and some bruises?  Um, I don’t have the time for that!  Oh well, I tried!

Again, thanks for your concern.  We are all really fine. 


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I saw on the Dog Whisperer last night that you should never pick up “the toy” that dogs are playing with. That’s our instinct, but he says we should subdue the aggressive dog first! Bet you wish you’d known that a few days ago!!??!!

Comment by Kristi

Haha, yea and you arent supposed to run from a dog either, but YOU try remembering all those rules in the heat of battle! 😀

Comment by Reformed Grits

I love the dog whisperer! Maybe I should call him to come to Bham to do an intervention with Big Ted. He is getting a little aggresive in his old age!

Comment by Andrea

Gotta love red tape! Why make a law that is so hard to enforce? I guess they just want to hear about the REALLY serious dog bites. I have a student whos dog follows him to school each day. He is a lovely dog and so far there has not been a problem, but you never know with dogs. It’s an accident waiting to happen. The principal says the next time it happens she is going to call the pound. This totally flips my student out. So he crys all day. Tough love I guess.

Happy New Years!

Comment by Jane

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