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Works For Me Wednesday
January 3, 2007, 12:45 am
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Ok, so the spagetti sauce thing.  I make a huge batch of it and freeze it quart jars.  You could use smaller jars too for pizzas, dipping bread sticks, etc if you like (it does call for meat, so you could omit but on the pizza I just say it’s hamburger pizza!)   Manicotti, lasagna, etc.  You have sauce now and can have an easy homemade dinner in the time it takes you to unscrew the lid and defrost in your microwave and heat up.  Another tip is this:  go get the ingredients at Sam’s Club or Costco or whatever you use.  Spices are cheaper.  The tomato sauce in the big lunchroom sized can is DIRT CHEAP and it’s all the same.  And you will use those spices because you are gonna make this every month or so, if you are like me!  So here’s the big batch recipe.  And I mean BIG so uses a HUGE stockpot or whatever gigantious thing you have. 

Spagetti Sauce (Big Batch)

5 lbs ground beef (I use less and in the large recipe you won’t miss it if you want to cut costs.  Often I use 2-3 lbs to save money.)

5 onions (I use a bag of frozen onions which makes it very cheap and easy)

1 T minced dry garlic (more or less depending on your family’s tastes.  If you must trouble yourself to use the real deal, it’s about 20 cloves of garlic.)

3 T + 1t. chili powder (again, SAM’S!!!)

1 T oregano (not going to say Sam’s again)

5 t. salt

1/4c. + 1 T sugar

1 HUGE can crushed tomatoes (that’s the food service size or that’s 5 of the 28 oz cans at the grocery store.)

5-15 oz cans of tomato sauce

Brown all the meat and onions together.  If you haven’t used lean ground beef you are going to want to drain this I’m sure but I only use the leanest so I can skip this step… and it’s better for you.   Dump all the rest of the ingredients in, stir well (which can be a challenge!) and simmer about 20 minutes.  Like I said, I use quart jars and freeze it up.  Make sure you leave headroom.  If you use jars this is not a recipe for CANNING, so it must be frozen, or refrigerated and used quickly. 

This DEFINATELY works for me!  (I’ll be doing this today, actually!) 


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Great idea! Thanks for sharing =) Happy New Year!

Comment by Larae

I have been looking for a sauce recipe! Thanks!

Comment by Jane

This is a great idea … I’ll have to give your suace recipe a try!

Comment by GiBee

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Just one question…why jars and not plastic containers?

Comment by Kristi

Great question, Kristi! Probably personal preference, but I can come up with 2 reasons… One is that I used freezer ziploc bags once and was trying to do it while piping hot (which is how I need to do it for convenience sake) and it melted thru the seals on the side and leaked everywhere. A total mess and waste. As far as plastic containers, I suppose you could use them but one of my favorite things to do is in a pinch just pull the jar out and stick it in the microwave. If I do this with plastic it’d stain and possibly warp the plastic.
Plus, I just like the glass!
Use what you like, though. I’m sure it doesn’t make a difference. 🙂

Comment by Reformed Grits

How many differnt things do you do with the sauce? I need entire meal ideas if you have a sec!! 😉

Comment by Andrea

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