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I guess it’s not so bad…
January 13, 2007, 9:38 pm
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Well I don’t wanna be gross but I’m officially revisiting the Red Tent post Bee.  (See "In the red tent."  Y’all are gonna hoot this website!)  So anyhow the reason I’m being so very transparent with this information is that I was at Wal-mart today because I was out of EVERYTHING… I had three "boxes or bags" in my cart and nothing else, so I was cutting in and around aisles dodging people for fear that they would see my cart full of goodies. 


I saw a man with a GIANT box of Depends under his arm walking right down the center aisle with his chin held high and just looking around like he was carrying no more than a jar of peanuts.

Yeah, I kind of got over myself after that.  (TMI, I’m sure….)   


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Kimmie – send your husband in to get your supplies – that is what I do sometimes 🙂 I always ask.. on your way home … could you… and he does! He gets Alli’s stuff too.

I am heading the other day I do believe – been getting totally hot and night sweats – sucks to get old!

Comment by Angie

oh my goodness I can’t type – I meant to say I am heading the other way and not the other day.. I think it is time for bed 🙂

Comment by Angie

Hehe….hey I linked to your blog…go check it out. Not this one. I haven’t had my visitor yet. Don’t hate me because I take a year! 🙂

Comment by Caroline

I’m just jealous that you haven’t had one for let’s see…15 months!!!

Comment by Kristi

I hope I don’t get mine this week cause that will mean I’m not pregnant!
Yes…I want to be, so y’all start praying for me another healthy baby, please!

Comment by Andrea

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