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Well, that was excruciating
January 14, 2007, 7:09 pm
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Bee is generally a happy baby.  If she cries, you pick her up and she stops.  She’s just sweet that way.  Today, however she decided she did NOT want to be baptized.  Mr. Grits was leading worship and I had the grand idea to bring all the kids up for the big event (even Sugie from the nursery) so I’m sitting there with all the kids and Bee is NOT happy.  I finally had to walk out and just come up to sit just before the big event. 

So everyone is snicking…

And she is crying like she has been stuck with a pin…

And by the time we get through all those "Book of Church Order" questions, everyone is laughing and thinking, "Can we opt out of the part where we commit to help raise this child?"  She was HOWLING inconsolably.  I don’t even remember what our pastor said.  He could have been asking if we would sign over all our worldly goods to the church of Satan and I’m sure we would have just bobble-headed "We do…" 

Yeah, it was that bad.  But the deed is done.  She looked cute for about 2 seconds in her beautiful, hand-made dress until she barfed spit-up all over it.

But then it wasn’t about the dress.  It wasn’t about a happy baby.  It wasn’t about rote answers to questions I’ve heard a million times.  It wasn’t even about the fact that the shirt I ironed didn’t fit when I put it on.  (Thanks, Blue Bell and Budweiser!)  It was about a faithful God who keeps covenant with us, His people.  It was about the gift of a child who helped to heal her parent’s broken hearts.  It was about a future and a hope, a joy and a promise– all because of a most excellent God who we hope was honored today. 

Excruciatingly beautiful…


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Yep, I’d already heard about squalling Bee! Lynda called me about 12:30 to give report. She said it was hilarious! Wish I’d been there.

Comment by Kristi

Yep, I’d already heard about squalling Bee! Lynda called me about 12:30 to give report. She said it was hilarious! Wish I’d been there.

Comment by Kristi

It was so sweet…I could tell you and Mr. G were trying to listen to the pastor, trying to be serious…but Bee prevailed.

It was priceless listening to the pastor YELL out the questions and the sweet prayer at the end.

I enjoyed it. May God be glorified with her healthy lungs!

Comment by Caroline

It was beautiful!!! What a precious set of children God has entrusted you with!

I bet Jeff will take a while to get over this baptism!

Comment by Andrea

I’m sorry I missed this performance by Bee. She was in the building and her “other mother” wasn’t there. Maybe she missed me! Ha Ha. I wish I could have seen her yell so loudly (she’s normally so quiet and calm).

Comment by Lisa

sorry about the tears!! I am sure she looked beaurtiful!1 YOu will have to email me a pic of her in her dress!!

Comment by Jennifer

Sweet baby!! We loved it! And particularly funny was Jeff’s yelling…LOLOL!!
Baby’s cry, it actually adds to the moment.

Comment by Gayle

I wish I could have been there! We were at my sister-in-law’s church for our nephew’s dedication. Your post made me laugh and the sweet truth of it all brought tears to my eyes. How thankful we are for God’s gift of Baby Bee to your family and His covenant to us all!

Hey, we could start calling her Baby Bellowing Bawling Bee! J/K

Comment by penny

Oh Kim…I’m so sorry! I bet her dress was still very pretty. =) At least everyone will remember her baptism! And, good thing God doesn’t require good behavior, isn’t it?

Comment by kel

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