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L is for Loser…
January 20, 2007, 2:14 pm
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And L isn’t even my middle name–lately it’s my first. 

I lost the chili contest at the school last night.

We lost at the Pinewood Derby (no, we actually got 3rd in his den.  But that’s out of 3.  Actually, JD thought there were only 2 in his den today so he couldn’t figure out how he got 3rd if there were 2.  I didn’t want to tell him it was just because he was my child…)

And I just found out I didn’t even get in the top 10 here

I have a big ol’ L on my head. 

Ooo but I just realized… I’m not "losing weight" so that means I’m not a loser at EVERYTHING!!  (Or does it?)


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You know what comes to mind when I think of you? Proverbs 31. You are such a GODLY woman, a GODLY wife, and a GODLY mother. You are truly inspiring! I love to read your blog – you have so much going on and you seem to handle it with grace and style like the REAL you 🙂 I am sure Mr. Grits would change that Loser to Lovely or Luscious in his vocabularly 🙂

Tell Mr Grits and the rest of the crew to give you lots of hugs for me!

Comment by Angie

I totally disagree…you are NOT a loser. So you’ve lost a few unimportant things lately. At least your life doesn’t depend on those things! I agree with Angie, you are a lovely example of a Godly wife and mother. Keep up the good work!

Comment by Kristi

Ok, I’ll say it– ppptthhh!!! Looosah!!!

J/K- I know you were waiting for that though! lol….

You’ve also gotten me hungry for chili…

Comment by The other Kristi lol

Haha, Thanks “TOK!” You da bomb!

And I have 2 gallon sized bags of chili in the freezer if you wanna come get it!

Comment by Reformed Grits

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