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Great Scot!
January 22, 2007, 10:20 pm
Filed under: All things Scottish

We had our monthly "We’re going to Scotland!"  meeting.  I say it like that because that’s kind of what we sit in a room and do.  We haven’t made any real plans yet for what we are going to actually do in the time we’ve been given. 

Now, that’s not exactly true.  We do have our weekly schedule laid out for us of all the events and activities we are doing.  For instance we will be leading a Holiday Bible Club there (think "VBS.")  We have to do all the curriculum and planning for that, including stories, crafts, music, and activities.  I’m ready to get some things planned and on paper so that we can dole out the work and get busy!   Last time our story, craft, and music time took about, oh, 45 minutes total.  That left 1 hr and 15 minutes for the teenagers to try to play games with the kids outside!  You can only do so much Red Rover, ya know?  But then we really didn’t know what to expect either so who can blame us? 

I know what to expect a little more this time so I want to be ready.  Not just for the sake of doing it but for the sake of meeting our mission… to share God’s love with those whom He puts in our path those 10 days in July.  I want to be purposeful.  I want to be driven!  For 10 days I won’t be distracted by "Mom! He’s touching me!"  "Mom, she has my Polly Pocket!"  I want to make the most of it knowing that the precious ones God has given me will be happily tucked away with their loving and wonderful grandparents so that I can think outside the little box that contains me and my "little" family for just a short while. 

Pray for me and for the ones I will be going with.  That we will be given a message to share with the ones we meet.  That their hearts will be soft toward His gospel.  That God will make a way.  I can’t wait to meet Him there.   


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lol. Holiday bible club. Hehe. i remember that. That was so much fun! Those kids were so excited 2 see us! When we went last year I could just feel God’s presence. I still remember last year leaving in that bus with everyone outside the bus waving goodbye to us. I know that yall will have such a blessed time. I so wish stephen and I could go. But it just isnt God’s timing for us. I will continue to pray for the people there and for you, that God will already start to prepare you heart. I know that you are already so excited and so ready to go. I’m so thankful God has given you a passion to want to go there and minister to those people. I know that God will bless your time there. And you know I want to hear all about it when you come back. And take tons of pictures. 🙂

Comment by katester

We will be praying for you. And, it’s not too late for you to learn a couple of songs on the guitar! Come over one day and I’ll teach you.

Comment by penny

Wish I could go with you!! You know I’ll be praying, though.

Comment by Meg

I will be praying for you! I know you will have a wonderful time with Him there!

Couldn’t you steal some ideas from VBS? What are the ages again? About how many kiddies?

Comment by Andrea

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