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Why as a matter of fact, I SHOULD be sleeping!
February 2, 2007, 4:55 am
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It’s 4:37 according to my laptop’s clock.  I’ve been surfing for oh, about an hour now.  I have been tossing and turning all night and call it a premonition or a hunch but I may know why.  Tonight (or that would be last night I suppose now) Poo had a birthday party at the local Chuck E. Cheese (which would be better named "Parent Purgatory") and so Mr. Grits and I had the grand notion that we would take the whole family.  Ok, so it was only my idea but I thought that the kids could take their report cards and cash them in.  (Which puts me in the running for mom o’ the week!) Truly I can’t stand the place but Poo was very excited about this party (yes, on a week night, across town) and we didn’t have any other obligations (unbelieveably) so we decided to make it a family event.  Now you know that if you go to this joint that you likely are going to be having pizza for dinner but we had eaten pizza for dinner at church last night and there were leftovers so Nancy sent us home with three extra pizzas.  So what do you suppose we had for lunch?  Ding, ding!  Pizza.  So when faced with the option of having pizza again for dinner tonight Mr. Grits and I opted for the fairly attractive salad bar. 

Let me pause right here to say, the first thing that went through my mind when I said, "Two all-you-can-eat salad bars, please" was "I suppose that means I will spend the day tomorrow with food poisoning."  Premonition or widely accepted fact that if you eat at a rat’s place of business which happens to serve food you are likely to get sick from it– you decide. 

Nevertheless I plunged headlong into the salad bar (which did look fresh and clean I will say) and every time I put an item on the pile on my plate I subconsciously asked myself, "Will this be the ingredient that causes me to lose about 8 pounds in 24 hours?"  Never did the thought go through my mind, "Gee, salad is so healthy and good for me!  I’m so glad I’m getting my veggies today."  Yet I still ate two hefty platefuls.  Go figure.

So now, 10 hours later, I’m getting that tell-tale "urp"yness that says nothing but, "This can’t be good."  I’m scheduled to go to Sam’s and the local organic grocery to get my wheat today so if I turn up missing, look for the big white Suburban on the side of the road where I will likely be employing a ditch or lying down in the back.

Heck, I needed to lose a few pounds anyhow. 



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Hey, I was awake for awhile during the night, too. We should’ve chatted. I hope it’s just the urps, and not any more than that!

Comment by Meg

Girl, 3 words…power of suggestion!
I swear, I have gotten nauseated so many times just because I was so sure that I would. Maybe it was all the grease on the pizza that is making you feel yuck?
Now, I just know you will be tracking me down on Sunday if you start hurling just to tell me that my positive thinking didn’t work…LOL!

Comment by Gayle

Hey, I was awake from 4am until after 5am. These pregnancy hormones keep me awake at night. I hope you are feeling better this morning! Next time, I want to go to the organic grocery with you!

Comment by penny

I was up too!! I woke up in a puddle because Eviebee decided to sleep through the night for the second night in a row. (which I am excited about) Her milk woke up right on schedule. Then I slept in a towel dreaming about stuffing my bra with more towels. IT was weird.

Was it a full moon??

Comment by Caroline

You know what they say…hindsight (and in your case, foresight) is 20/20!

Comment by Kristi

Kim, I too cook with whole wheat. Before I began buying from a grainery, I bought from the LDS church in town. It was a huge savings over the cost of the grocery store. I don’t know how you feel about buying from the LDS, but the way I see it, a savings is a savings!
Hope you’re feeling better.

Comment by Polly

Hope you are feeling better today! That was a funny story though!

Comment by Jane

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