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February 3, 2007, 10:03 am
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I finally finshed that hall bathoom last night!  It took me forever and was not a job I enjoyed (try putting a ladder in that tiny room and trying to get IN the room after it’s up.  Oh yeah, and if you do try it you may want to keep a cordless phone in the bathroom with you so you can call in the fire department to help you get OUT.)  BUT IT’S DONE and I am fairly pleased with the results.  The pictures don’t do it justice because they wack out the color but it’s "University of Michigan Blue" and the stamping on the walls is "Gold Leaf."  My kids were like, "Mom the things on the wall didn’t do just right" and I tried to tell them that when you hand-stamp something like that it’s not supposed to be perfect (like wallpaper!) but they thought it was cool anyhow.  Ok, so without further ado or apology, here it is…

***edit*** I can’t get the picture labels to do just right…. let’s just say that "Before" was pink and green acid trip and after is blue and gold. 








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Beautiful!!! Great job!!

Comment by Meg


I love it!! It’s perfect!

Comment by Caroline

It looks great!! What a good job!

Comment by Jennifer

Lovely work…however, I would like to know how you know what a pink and green acid trip looks like…

Comment by Kristi

Very cool! You are inspiring me to do something about the ugly wallpaper in my bathroom!

Comment by penny

Beautiful work! What talent!
And I thought a new shower curtain would make my bathroom look nice. I better re-think that one.

Comment by Polly

That looks GREAT Kim, you are so talented even without hugs!

Comment by Lisa

Heehee, Thanks yall. Of course, last night my mom comes over and I said, “Have you seen my bathroom?” and she said, “YEAH!” and that was it. So maybe not EVERYONE likes it but it’s still better than (what I have been told looks like) an acid trip.

Comment by Reformed Grits

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