Reformed Grits

February 4, 2007, 9:09 am
Filed under: Cute kids stuff

I’m in my room getting ready for church and I hear Sissy, JD, Pooh, Sugie, and Mr. Grits playing in the other room. 

(Being sung:) "I’m a cowboy… on a steel horse I ride… I’m wanted… wanted… dead or aliiiiiiiivveeeeeeeeee."  (Mr. G singing Daughtery/Bon Jovi.)

"I don’t know, Doc, I just don’t think you are good enough."

"I say we give him a chance…"


Yes, folks, American Idol is here to stay at the Grits Household.

Yes, I know it’s Dawg, but my kids swear he’s saying "Doc…" 

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LOL!! That is so cute…my house sounds more like a scene from Armageddon than American Idol when we are trying to get ready for church.

Comment by Gayle

Oh good! Another funny from the Grits family!! See, y’all do have it!

Yeah, getting ready for church is like a hide and seek game around here. Try as I might to get everything set out on Sat. p.m. there always are missing socks, or a belt or tights or something and it makes me crazy!

Hope you’re having a restful day!

Comment by Meg

That is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What other song does Mr. Grits sing?

Comment by Andrea

Yes, a vivid image to conjure of Mr. Grits! I can just imagine the scene!

See, you do have funny things happen!

Comment by Kristi

HAHA!!!! That is so funny!!!!

Comment by katester


Comment by Jane

Very funny! I’ve actually never watched an entire show of american idol, but I bet the episode at your house is more entertaining than the tv show!

Comment by penny

Think I might be talkin’ to Connie about a little solo opportunity in church….


Comment by Caroline

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