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What I loved about today
February 5, 2007, 6:53 pm
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So what did YOU do today?  I’m not thinking on the lines of was it a good day or bad day, but along the lines of examing and observing the GOOD things about your day.  In no particular order, here are 10 things I loved about my day:

10.  I had the particular joy of baking bread with Sugie.  She is really growing up and loves to help.  We had nice conversation as we cooked.  And as my sister will attest, she talks incessantly. 

9.  We got to school early and the kids all had good days.  Everything with school is not perfect and we have some issues to confront but my kids are receiving a stellar education and they are having to work for it.  Today they just happened to enjoy their work. 

8.  Jojo and Sugie have a really special bond.  Their age and gender difference removes a lot of natural rivalry/competition and they love each other in a really fun way.  It usually involves lots of piggy back rides and "sit by me" at lunch.

7.  The bread I made with Sugie was the best I’ve made yet.  It was so good.

6.  And I was able to give a loaf away to my sister today who came over to learn how to make purses.  She stayed with Sug and Bee while I ran to go get the kids from school, and actually had lunch ready when we got back!  Woohoo!

5.  All the kids’ rooms are clean tonight!  I mean cleaned, vacuumed, and sparkling.  Not perfect but I’m satisfied which says something. 

4.  JD was able to write for a bit in his blog today which gives him great pleasure and pride.  I’m so thankful he likes to write. 

3.  I was able to encourage one of my children’s teachers which is always nice.  They do so much for our kids, then go home to their families.  I don’t know how they do it… and with excellence. 

2.  Since I had pulled out the sewing stuff when my sister was here, I was able to find the time to pleat a bishop for Bee.  I can’t wait to start smocking again.  I also blocked a smocked lace collar that I had done years ago for Sister and I never got around to finishing.  I hope I will get it done and find something for Sug to wear it with.  It’s just a matter of the neck binding, finishing the back edges, and putting on buttons.  That’s the easy part. 

1.  My beloved will come home soon with a head full of theology and will want to set and veg out with me as we talk about our day and the fullness and goodness of our lives. 

I could go on and on.  It was a good day. 

So how was YOUR day?   

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hi, Glad you had a good day. We had one home with the flu…just hoping he is the only one. My Friend Jennifer lives in Sterling Gate and just started a blog. Go by and say hello if you get a chance.


Comment by Jennifer

Your day sounds so lovely! I had a nice day too although I hadn’t really thought about it. I had professional dev. which was alright. I got to go out for a slice of pizza for lunch that was a rare treat. Then I had a nice afternoon/evening at home. Dh is getting me a new camera for Valentines Day since mine died. So ordering that was fun and I got a bargain. It was nice to reflect! Thanks for asking!

Comment by Jane

I won’t list 10 things, but considering that between me, Reagan, and McKinley, we had 2 doctor’s appts, 3 hair appts, and 2 dentist appts all in one day, I’ll consider surviving that a GREAT day! Plus all the doctor’s/dentist appts were healthy check-ups! Enjoyed your post today!

Comment by penny

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