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February 10, 2007, 10:46 pm
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I have my fingers in too many pots.  I’m in the midst of smocking a blue micro-gingham bishop for Bee.  Now that I’m halfway through the smocking I’ve decided I don’t like the color I’ve chosen for the smocking and I think I’m going to pull it all out.  That coupled with the fact that I miscounted rows and I have an extra one which I haven’t figured out what to do with yet!  So that one sits for now. 

Project number two– I have decided after years of "hinting" (not so subtly!) that I’d smock some Resurrection Day dresses for my good friend Meg.  She has 2 girls and I’d like to make them some matching dresses before the oldest one is too old to sew for!  I have picked up the fabric and have cut out most of it but today I realized I don’t have enough so I have to go get more.  Meanwhile I have plenty to do to keep me busy until I can go get it. 

Project number three– My younger two boys share the largest bedroom on the top floor.  It’s really big.  That room has accumulated the worst furniture in the house and the paint is what I accurately referred to here as "dirty-seafoam-fungus" colored.  (I also have more descript of the room there– not that anyone really cares how horrible the room is!)  Anyhow…  Today the Mr. took down the schoolbus yellow "blast-from-the-past" bunkbeds, we trashed the mattresses that literally had spring and stuffing coming out of them that our poor little boys have slept on since they were 2, and I packed up most of the "wall-unit-of-death."  It still needs to be dismantled and trashed.  Can I just say that boys should not sleep near walls?  EW they were SO dirty and gross and boys "put things" on the walls that are just gross (but one of the boys was on the bottom bunk and it was dark so he never "saw" what he was putting there… so when Mr. moved the beds he panicked and got some hot water and soap and scrubbed the "stuff" off the walls.  Trying to save his dignity for that much… UGH.  Just thankful I didn’t have to do it!)  So now their new fresh mattresses with fresh new mattress pads and brand-spankin’ new sheets freshly washed are on there tonight and hopefully my sweet ones will enjoy not spending the night "in squalor" as Mr. Grits said.  😀  And did I mention the mattresses are on the floor until we decide what to do in there?  Mama is ready to paint again. 

On a different note, Mr. Grits went crazy on me today and bought FOUR new phones for the house.  The ones we have interrupt our ability to get online (yes, we have tried everything and he even knows what he is doing) and have to be charged every day yet constantly die on us.  He just went nutso and said, "THAT’S IT!  I’M GETTING ALL NEW PHONES." 

Ooo ooo and while I am telling you all about the new things we bought today (gee, I just realized that’s what I’m doing here)  can I just say that MY MAN knows how to deliver.  He came through for me and brought me home a deep freeze tonight.  Could I BE more excited!? I dunno?!  I asked him if it was a Valentine’s Day present since he knows what I like so well?  He cut me a look as if to say, "I would NEVER live that down after getting you a grain mill for Christmas." 

Ok, so I’m a freak and household appliances are the way to my heart.  What a busy day for the Grits house.  We got a lot accomplished but it still looks like our house is in the midst of toooo much.  It’s a good thing soccer hasn’t started!    


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You must post before and after pics of the boys room! Did you get a chest freezer or an upright? I’m trying to decide what to tell Eddie to get me for V’day.

Comment by Kristi

John was appalled that I asked for a hand-vac for Christmas. I’m with you, I like that kind of stuff! Sounds like fun and busy times at your house. Must be spring fever!

Comment by penny

I’m so lucky, er, Providentially blessed, and happy that you’re making the dresses! I hope it’s not causing too much stress in your life… feel free make them May Day dresses or 4th of July dresses or whenever you can get to it!!

Can’t wait to see pictures of the boys’ room…

Comment by Meg

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