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It’s Limerick Thursday!
February 22, 2007, 10:25 am
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Limerickthursday_3 It’s only now quarter past ten

Already I’m eating again!

This time it’s ice cream,

I want to just SCREAM

Soon, I’ll need a ‘script for Phen Fen.


Ok, so I’ve liked making bread.

The yeasty smell goes to my head!

But now I must sew

Abandon the dough

And take up my needle and thread. 

🙂 Have a great day! 

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PHen Fen….hahahaha THAT’S funny!

Comment by Caroline

This should cover the last 2 entries:

Sorry that you hurt your knee
But thrilled that you saved Baby Bee!
I don’t think you’re fat,
But you won’t believe that
And I think that your dresses are pret-ty.

Comment by Gayle

Ok, I just can’t stop myself:
We have to go get our pictures taken
The thought really has me shaken
I have nothing to wear
And I really hate my hair
I don’t want to go and I’m not fakin.

Ok that one was cheesy, I will quit hijacking your blog now.

Comment by Gayle

I have great inspiration this week:

My washing machine’s on the blink
So in clothes I’m beginning to sink
My hubby can’t fix it
He just wants to nix it
And clean clothes will take more than a wink

Comment by Kristi

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