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February 23, 2007, 8:41 pm
Filed under: All things Scottish

I’m excited!  I think I’ve mentioned that Mr. Grits and I are going to Scotland this summer for a missions trip to a place we have been before.  When we first started planning for it I had it on my heart to find a way to bring Bibles to give to the kids who come to the HBC (Holiday Bible Club which is like Vacation Bible School) and or to the football (soccer) programs.  A week or so ago I had the idea to ask our VBS directors at our church if they would consider making this the missions project for our church’s VBS.  Today I got word that they have decided to do that!  So our children will be raising money to buy Bibles for our friends in Scotland! 

I know, I know, the first thing everyone has said to me is, "Well how are you gonna get them there?"  Well, party poopers, I have discovered that if I order on’s website then there is free shipping on Bibles anywhere in the UK so we could have them shipped right to the pastor’s house there! 

All the money we raise will go right toward the Bibles, not shipping, and we won’t even have to transport them!  I am so thankful God worked this out and that He’s allowed me to see the way His mission is unfolding for the people who are so much in and on our hearts there.  I can’t wait to go back!   


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That really is awesome! How wonderful to put God’s life giving Word into the hands of those children.

Comment by Gayle

That’s great…so neat to see how God works things out.

Comment by Kristi

God is so awesome and so are you, His child!

Comment by Andrea

You are so smart!!! What a great idea!!! You get the gold star!

Comment by Jennifer

When it gets closer to the time you should see if any of the blogging buddies would like to help buy some bibles. I know I would contribute!! You could have people put links on their blogs etc. You could do a paypal account or something. Just an idea.

Comment by Jennifer

How cool!!! I’m glad our kids can have a part in your trip!

Comment by penny

Kim, this is great. Here’s an idea for you…have you considered becoming an affiliate for Amazon. You’ll make money anytime someone wants to purchase anything from Amazon. Maybe you could directly link to the uk site?

Comment by Polly

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