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Things I learned in the night
February 28, 2007, 8:41 am
Filed under: Life

1.  Never, under any circumstances, email a cousin saying, "We have been relatively unscathed this winter, sickness wise.  No stomach bugs in our house this year!  Of course we will probably all wake up in the night throwing up." 

2.  Blueberries that your grandfather picked by hand and you put in homemade  pancakes that you even ground the flour for can be healthy if kept in the digestive tract for a normal course.  And they don’t stain nearly as bad if they have been soaked in stomach acid for, say, 6 hours.  But I wouldn’t recommend that as a stain-removing tip. 

3.  It is possible to throw-up while one is sleeping.  Twice, in fact. 

4.  Bad smells don’t seem to affect you nearly as much if you have just been woken by a screaming child covered in chum but only if you have just woken up from "that really good place" when you just fall asleep.  But beware when that fog wears off. 

5.  The smell of Clorox can be comforting, if you are concerned you may be covered in viruses and bacteria. 

6.  I don’t have nearly enough twin-sized sheets. 

7.  If you are going to buy new mattresses, go ahead and invest in waterproof mattress pads.  Yes, they are expensive, but you will be glad if, say, your kids ever loose their blueberry pancakes all over them in the middle of the night.  I know I would have been glad, had I made that investment.

8.  And lastly, it’s not really necessary to catch up on your laundry.  If you do, "someone in authority" may laugh at you and allow your child to get a violent stomach bug.  I’m just sayin’.     

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Some things are easier learned by doing rather than hearing. In this case, I’m learning by hearing!

Comment by Kristi

Some things are easier learned by doing rather than hearing. In this case, I’m learning by hearing!

Comment by Kristi

Oh, girl! Been there done that, twice this year…
What’s up with the puking in your sleep thing anyway?! Jacob did it 2 times with our last go-round!! UGH!
Hope you all get to feeling better soon…

Comment by Gayle

I am so glad my laundry is not caught up yet!!! So sorry that you’ve all been sick. I would say that I’ve been the only one in the family to get the bug this year, but If I were to say that, then the girls would probably have it by tonight. Praying for you!

Comment by penny

Yes~I will not say we haven’t been sick yet either!
Sorry you had such a rough week.
Did everybody get it?

Comment by Andrea

Sounds like you’ve had a rough time. We went through the stomach bug thing, too – all three kids had it. No fun. At least you seem to be keeping the sense of humor!

Comment by Rebekah

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