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Last night
March 11, 2007, 10:27 am
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Yesterday at about 6:30 our oldest, Jojo, came running out the house (we were in the driveway telling my mom goodbye– she had run by for a minute) having an absolute freak-attack wanting me to come in the house NOW!  It’s important!!!  So we all went flying in and he was about to take a shower and was peeing vast quantities of blood.  So we called Uncle D  (Mr. Grits’s  brother who is a CRNP in Children’s ER) and asked what could that be?  I had Jojo pee in a cup a little more so I could look at it and it was like red kool-aid.  He and Mr. Grits both got their showers bc Uncle D said that his friend who is a Dr in the ER at Children’s said we had to be seen TONITE.  So mom was already at my house and available to stay with the children, so we headed downtown with Jojo.  We prayed on the way and a moment later he said, "You know, I really do feel peaceful for leaving it with the Lord.  I really feel a lot better now."  (He had been on the verge of panic since it happened.)  Uncle D met us there and escorted us in a back room (where we didn’t have to encounter the ER waiting room germs) and examined him, did all his blood tests, took a sample of pee (well, Jojo did it in a cup in the bathroom) which looked still just horrible and gross, and expediated all our tests.  FOUR HOURS and a CT scan later, they determined he had very likely passed a kidney stone (they saw a dense spot on the CT which they said is usually a stone in the bladder.  Will be confirmed by a specialist later.)  I was floored that he didn’t have pain but they said often kids can pass them without pain.  WOW.  Before we left his urine was already clear and we were feeling a lot better.  Jojo was praising the Lord for helping him and we were praising the Lord for Uncle D too!  It took 4 hours with his help but if he hadn’t been there it would likely have been a thing where we’d still be there.  He said there were 18-2o waiting in the waiting room the whole time.  It was awful!
We got home about 1 AM so we are exhausted.  Sorry this is a bit disjointed… 

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So glad he’s okay! That really is scary! I too have a “friend” at Children’s She doesnt’ work in the ER, but has been there so long that she has connections. Thank the Lord for our friends (or brothers!)

Comment by Kristi

I am so sorry that y’all had such an ordeal. That was sweet how he felt at peace after y’all prayed. Saturday nights are supposed to be relaxing!!:-( I am guessing that is why you weren’t at church.
Please keep us posted and we will be praying for sweet JoJo.

Comment by Andrea

Wow, that would have really freaked me out too! I’m glad he’s okay. I hope you can all get some rest today!

Comment by penny

God is good! Thank goodness everything worked out all right! I found blood once when I went to the bathroom so I know first hand just how scary that is! I was a grown up too! The mind can send you in some pretty crazy directions! What a great kid to be able to lay it all with the Lord!

Comment by Jane

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