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I know I’m biased…
March 15, 2007, 10:25 pm
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… but y’all, Bee is trying to talk.  Not only has she started crawling this week but has started using "mamamama" for me, "dadadadada" for Mr. Grits, "bybybybyby" and occasionally shaking one hand to go with that "word"(usually both hands are in motion at the same time), and tonight Mr. G asked her if she wanted to go "night night" and, y’all I’m not making this up… she rubbed her eyes and said, "ni-ni-ni-ni" (Like a long ‘I’ sound.)  Sometimes she honestly just makes noises arbitrarily but either I’m crazy or she’s gonna be a social butterfly!  And, yes we do try to teach her those things!  (I know, 6 kids and we are still pschyo first time parents!) 

It’s so funny to watch her, too, still fitting with lots of room in her 6 month size clothes (she will be 9 months tomorrow!) as a wee lil’ bit and army crawling to get to a toy!  When we go get the kids from school she just about jumps out of her skin (excited) to see them and started waving her hands and kicking her little feet.  They just talk to her the whole way home, all competing for her attention and smiles. 

Babies are so much fun!   

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I can’t believe she is trying to talk and crawl. What a sweet child she is! I just know when she gets old enough she won’t come to me so freely! Boo Hoo – How selfish is that!

Comment by Lisa


Comment by katester

Our girls are close in age.
My sweetie turned 9 months yesterday. She is a tiny tike too. She swims in her 9 month clothes, but 3-6 are too warm for this beautiful spring weather we’re having. What to do?
She crawled for the first time right before Christmas. She saw a toy with a tag on it. Oh dear me! She HAD to get to it. Since then, she’s been perfecting her soldier crawl. So cute. She’s pretty fast now.
Now for the talking, no luck. She does get really excited when Mr. says “wanna go bye-bye with Daddy?!” She practically jumps out of her skin. Making progress, I guess.

Comment by Polly

Isn’t great raising genius babies?
It is so great to be friends with other moms that have babies that are exceptional!;-)

She is such a cutie/sweetie!

Comment by Andrea

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