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Limerick Thursday
March 29, 2007, 9:36 pm
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Limerickthursday I’m doing my limericks too late

Can’t skip them– don’t wanna tempt fate!

The doctor, the dentist

(I need an apprentice!)

Appointments were FILLING this date.


Mint ice cream- how lovely it sounds.

Sweets tempt me, but are out of bounds.

I’ll hold them at bay,

"Carbs, you stay away!"

Cuz so far I’ve lost THIRTEEN POUNDS!

(Now is the part of the limerick where you write me a comment and tell me how AWESOME that is!  C’mon… you know you want to!  I need strokes, people!!!) 


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Thirteen pounds? WOW!

Way to go!

Those were great. You are really good at this. I sure enjoyed them

Blah, Blah, Blah…still upset at the thirteen pounds

Yea, I’m not sore. 😉

Comment by Caroline

Great job!

Comment by Gayle

13 Pounds? That is FABULOUS and I know that you can always regain your girlish figure after you have a little one. Whatever happened to the daily beer and ice cream?

So can I ship my pounds south so you can work on them when you are finished with yours?

Comment by Angie

yeah Kim!! I’m so proud of you! you are my hero and my inspiration! Um, I’d type more, but I’m going down to have another cookie… my diet will start tomorrow…

Comment by Meg

Wow girl!!! That is so good! How are you doing it?
I need tips for Oct.!!!! I will probably have about 50 to lose.
Cute poems!

Comment by Andrea

Losing weight…is that even possible??? I’m impressed that you can do it. Oh, and the limericks were great!

Comment by Kristi

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