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Web design will never make me rich…
April 19, 2007, 9:10 pm
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… or even give me pocket change because I have no CLUE what I’m doing but I was sick of the dark look.  I never can escape not making the main picture fit but this will have to do. 

Oh and the picture is Dunsinane Hill in Collace, Scotland where I will be spending my days July 13-23, God willing.  There are some dear friends there that we will be working with on VBS, youth ministry, and friendship evangelism in the village.  The pointy thing on top of the hill to the left is a pile of rocks left by those who have climbed to the top.  God willing, this summer I will be leaving one from Alabama there. 

And one day, I will blog about the personal significance of this site for our family.  🙂


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I can’t think of a more appropriate header for your blog…that will certainly be poignant.

Comment by Gayle


Love your design!

So will you take some of our red clay rocks or some good ole’ limestone??

Comment by Caroline

I love the new picture! I wanna go!!

Comment by Meg

Love the new design. I can’t wait to see all your pics from your trip…TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Kristi

On second look, I REALLY LIKE THE BLUE THEME YOU HAVE GOING! It’s lots easier to read.

Comment by Kristi

You know, when I put that comment above I said it as if you would be doing it in the future, then after reading everyone elses commments, I see that it is, indeed the present that I am supposed to be seeing your new design…GRRRR, I don’t know why that always happens! I am still seeing the same picture with the red theme. 😦 I even hit refresh…oh well, that happened to me the last time you updated, so I guess I will just see it in a few days ~sigh~

Comment by Gayle

Blue is not my favorite color…but it looks beautiful with your new pic!
I look forward to the day when you blog about it. I already need a kleenex just thinking about it.

Comment by Andrea

Beautiful view, breathtaking. And my heart will be with you when you go up that hill again. Much love.

Comment by Kelly

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