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Sins of the father
April 22, 2007, 10:18 am
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"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Grits,

Today ‘Pooh’ said a ‘bathroom word’ several times to the other boys when we had some free time in class.  Due to his other problems this week he didn’t get treasure box. 

At 12:00 when we were returning from recess, I heard ‘Pooh’ yelling, ‘Disney World… Farting World.’  Sorry to be so blatant, but you need to know what he said.  I am going to start taking his recess (10 minutes at a time) on Monday when he willfully disobeys.

Please initial and return this Monday. 

Mrs. Teacher"

Well, I suppose what you do expect from a boy who is the son of a man who wrote 4-letter words on the school building and landscape in permanent marker when he was in kindergarten?  I told Mr. Grits HE had to deal with this one.

I’d never keep a straight face.


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Been there…as the student, that is! I had to write a note home EVERYDAY that said what kind of day I’d had, have the teacher sign it, have my parents sign it, then take it back to the teacher. (I just chalk it up to being the last of three…needing some attention you know.) That really solved the problem in my class.

Comment by Kristi

There are probably a bunch of people that do actually fart while visiting Disneyworld…so I can see where he was coming from. 😉

Comment by Andrea

THIS is EXACTLY why we homeschool!

(so we won’t get those notes home from the teachers, lol… )


Comment by Meg

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