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April 23, 2007, 10:15 pm
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Ok, so I did the interview thing I saw on Daddy’s Girl and here are the questions she emailed me:

1. What is the best part about being a mom and why?
The best part about being a mom is the connection it gives me with Mr. Grits.  He is the absolute love of my life and I’m not sure we have ever been closer than the times not only that we found out we were expecting but the seasons after the birth of our children.  Our relationship and love has deepened with each child (now you know why we have so many!) and it has been extremely satisfying and fulfilling. 
2.  What do you say to people who ask you how you handle having so many kids?
Well, it depends on what part they are referring to.  Just "getting by," I’d say it’s easier with a little one at this point because you have SO much help from the older kids!  I have so many hands!  A lot of times I will tell folks I’m just barely hanging on and getting by by the skin of my teeth.  Then I will tell them to come visit this blog so they can see how my house looks.  I tell them that if they think I have it together then they are mistaken.  But it’s also a great opportunity to talk about God’s grace in our everyday lives and His blessings as we walk this way!   
3.  Besides Jesus and family, what is your biggest passion?
I reserve the right to change my mind, but off the top of my head (and this will sound ironic, I know) I would say the disappearing art of HOMEmaking.  Dedication to the home arts, such as cooking, baking, canning, sewing, simple decorating, gardening, organization, etc.  I am not good at all these things but I LOVE the idea of them.  I tell people I am all about the HOME.   Not the house; the HOME.   
4.  Any regrets in life?
Giving any piece of my heart away to anyone besides my sweet husband. 
5.  You write about Scotland in your blog.  What is the connection you feel with that country (or its people) and why?
That is a very complex and loaded question!  I can’t explain it, to be honest.  It’s a drawing (as in being drawn; not as in drawing a picture.)  Maybe a touch of romanticism or sentamentality if I were honest.  I was drawn to go there in 05.  Since then, a seed has sprouted in my heart and I’m not sure how it was planted, watered, or has grown. 
Ok, now that I’m typing some thoughts have come along.  First of all, I will say that as an adult, learning of the reformed faith (hence, the name of my blog) has had a profound influence on my life.  My faith has been given flesh; systematic theology makes a whole lotta sense to me, especially from the perspective of a person who knows that God is not a God of chaos, but a God of order.  To me, confessions of faith, catechisms, systematics, regulative principles, etc. are what God intended for His church.  Emotions are unreliable; God-given, but unreliable.  All these things, our belief system, etc., written out in a logical, and, again, systematic approach speaks to me.  You have your catechism with a natural question (Who made you?) and it’s answered for you (God.) with a Scriptural proof.  It speaks to our family life; it accounts for our children; it brings peace from God’s word in a way that I never have had.  My faith is NOT in the PCA or the Presbyterian church.  It’s not in Calvin and it’s not in the Westminister Confession.  These things have come along side the Holy Spirit to teach me and help me to grow in a way that I hadn’t known before.  That said, many of these things came together in Presbyterianism, whose birthplace is Scotland.  Yet, Scotland today is so far from their true, reformed faith.  The state of much of the church in Scotland is sad!  Not all churches but many do not have evangelical pastors in their pulpits.  In the area we are going, before the current pastor there had not been an evangelical pastor in, I believe I was told 60 years.  When you live in a certain area, or parish, you are basically "assigned" a Church of Scotland church and they have to marry and bury you.  You may even go to church there.  You may even become a "member."  But you don’t have to believe in Jesus Christ for your salvation.  You don’t have to believe the Bible to be God’s Word.  You don’t really have to believe anything.  So what is that?  That’s not CHRIST’s church. 
And so, in a nutshell, because Scotland has given me so much… flesh to my faith; order to my beliefs; a systematic faith, etc., I am drawn, in a sense, to "feed" and serve them in gratitude.  Not only to a country who has lost it’s spiritual bearings, but because Jesus died for them and they need to know!  There is hope!  There is a future!  They don’t have to live in slavery to sin and depression and hopelessness.  Christ came to bring good news to the afflicted; set the captives free; to bind up the broken-hearted;  and to free prisoners.  He’s done it for me; I’m certainly due to share that news with others. 
Sorry you asked??  Now please, send your donations to…
(Just kidding.)   

NOW…If you want to be interviewed by me, (and I encourage perfect strangers to take me up on this; it will be fun) leave me a comment saying “Interview Me”. I will respond by asking you five questions of my choice. You will update your blog with the answers to my questions. You will include these rules, and offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. (You can still do the interview part even if you don’t have a blog!)


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Wow, love your answers! I’d never thought of the reformed faith that way before. Keep in mind, I belong to a Church of God. I also love the chants, catechism, jingles that our children are learning as a result of going to ECCS. Thanks for playing along!

Comment by Kristi

I always love reading your blog, but I will pass on the interview cause I know you will give me hard questions!

Comment by Andrea

Wow, feel like I just heard a great sermon!!
You put words to much of my feelings about reformed faith as well. It is pretty much the opposite of what I grew up in, and I’m amazed each day by God’s grace in teaching me these things.
By the way, you can interview me, but keep in mind I have a newborn, so nothing too hard! 🙂

Comment by penny

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