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We must be winning…
April 28, 2007, 3:32 pm
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… because we are having a really good time, despited being sleep-deprived and a little colder than we expected.   We got to Huntsville last night after an uneventful trip and having a very yummy dinner at Big Bob Gibson’s.   The kids were shockingly well-mannered and profusely thanked and ma’amed the waitress to death.  Mr. Grits and I looked at each other wondering who snatched our crochity normal kids, but we weren’t complaining. 

We checked into our hotel, which I won’t disclose at this point since we are still here.  It’s been a comfortable, clean room and I’m fairly pleased.  We have a big bathroom with a huge whirlpool tub (not that I’d put my butt in a public tub, mind you).  My only complaint is that it’s got that normal hotel room humidity which just feels gross.  We began our sleeping adventure with 3 in one bed, and Mr. G and I in the other, Bee in the Pack ‘n Play, and 2 on borrowed children’s airbed.  Thanks, Caroline!  Yes, the Spiderman one DOES have a slow leak.  We didn’t do it, I promise!! 

We went to bed at 9:45 knowing we had to get up early and knowing that we had no idea how long it would take everyone to settle in.  Two hours and 2 crying children, 3 fighting children, and one talkative child later, I was staring at the ceiling after having to nurse Bee again (she has only nursed 1 time a day, in the morning, for a couple weeks now but it was the only way to calm her!)  We heard every movement everyone made and NO one slept more than a few moments at a time.  I remember seeing 4 AM too.  Awful!  I even had to give Bee a wee nurse around that time to settle her… again.  Our alarm went off at 6, and we had to leave the room at 6:45 after feeding and clothing the masses. 

That’s when we got lost.  Huntsville is a complicated place to get around.  We couldn’t do anything!  It was so confusing.  Mr. Grits and I were heated, not with each other, but more like in a state of panic.

"WHERE are we on this map?"

"I don’t know! I don’t see any of these street names!"

"HOW could we get so turned around?  WHERE ARE WE?"

"We are going to be late!"

Panic, panic, panic.

Then, we heard from the back… "Dear Lord, please show us the way.  Help us to find where we need to go and help mom and dad not to be so worried about it. Amen."


Jojo had humbled us in that gentle blow, and I’m sure Providentially, we found our way within moments of his sweet request after having been completely confounded for almost 40 minutes.

So we finally made it to the game and we won (yeah!) and then for our second game we won again!  (Double yeah!) Tomorrow we play early in the morning again and then a semi-final game at 10:30.  If we win both of those, we will be here for a championship game later that day!  (Because you can never play too much soccer in one day!)

Here’s some pics Dscn0064 from today.  Another great thing, praise be, but we were supposed to have rain and storms all day but we have had sunshine and pleasant temps (the wind is a tad cold.)  Dscn0063  Now we have the rest of the day off and so I hope we will have more good news tomorrow!   


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Sweet JoJo for praying! Look how awesome God is that He allowed you to find your way after JoJo prayed (to increase his faith). So very awesome!
Glad that you are having a decent time and hope that you will get some better sleep tonight.

Comment by Gayle

Sorry about Spiderman….he was leaky the last time we used it.

Glad you are winning. Hope ya’ll get some sleep tonight!!

Comment by Caroline

Congrats on the big wins. I am praying that you and your sweet family will sleep well, be rested and refreshed in the morning. Have fun tomorrow!

Comment by Kimmy

It must have been something with the moon last night because Penn and I couldn’t sleep either.
Leaky Spidermen are the worst~been there done that!~ Actually, I think I conceived this baby on one. Well not a spiderman one, but a regular one! Oh I guess that was TMI, huh?
Yay on the winning part!!!!!

Comment by Andrea

(This is for Andrea, sorry, but I HAVE to)
Giiiirrl, I know you just didn’t go there on the WORLD WIDE web…LOLOLOLOL!! You are too much…now I need to go find a happy place to get the images that are burned into my brain out…HA!

Comment by Gayle

That’s ok, Andrea… my last two were conceived in a hammock. 😉

Comment by Reformed Grits

well, i remember it being an interesting blog until i read the hammock comment..Now, i cant remember much of anything

Comment by katester

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