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Out of the frying pan…
May 2, 2007, 4:17 pm
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I don’t want to come off like I’m complaining because I’m not– it’s something I do enjoy, but soccer is a LOT of work for me (and I don’t even go to practices or anything!)  The teams that Jojo has played on for the last 2 years are travel teams and it’s lots of fun!  I love going to different places and the comradery of (most of) the families.  The kids make friends with other siblings and we take the opportunity of these "away" places and make them mini-vacations for our family. 

But when you take 6 kids to a soccer game, you have to have snacks,  water bottles, chairs, the BIG stroller, sunscreen, and with a baby you have to have a fully-packed diaper bag too, including food, cups, cheerios, toys, diapers, wipes, bibs (if you have a barfer like I do), and a change of clothes (like I said– barfer.)  Now, combine all that with an away tournament and you include all that, plus clothes for everyone, bathing suits (a pool is a must!), extra bedding, snacks, car cleaned out, gassed up, cash for food… I could go on and on, but I’m getting stressed out.  My point is to say it’s a lot of work.  And on a trip like we took this weekend to Huntsville, I use 2 diaper bags– one big one and a smaller one that I can transfer a couple of items in to an carry around easier. 

Did you read the part about this weekend where I said my diaper bag was lost?  Well, we get back Sunday night, and Monday afternoon when picking up the kids from school I call Mr. Grits on the phone and ask, "Hey, hon, what did you do with the inside of the console between the seats where all the cd’s and my wallet lives?"

Silence.  "Nothing!"

"What do you mean, ‘Nothing’?" 

It was then everything came together.  My diaper bag– my cute, hand-made diaper bag with Bee’s name monogrammed on it– was used as a tote bag for a thief who made off with an old wallet (that foolishly was kept in the car with WAY too much information in it), a bunch of cd’s, and biggest of all– my sweetie’s beloved iPod that he had music, sermons, pictures– his life on!  I am SO mad!  We don’t even know for sure when it happened but we are so upset! 

So we came back from the crazyness involved in an out of town soccer tournament, and had to deal with cancelling credit cards, putting fraud alerts on our credit, getting new check cards, etc and all that fun, fun stuff. 

Did I mention what it is like coming HOME from a trip with 6 kids anyway?  Say it with me… "I gotta start the laundry…"

Not to mention it was end of the month for the school (my job, I mean) so reports, etc., and NO groceries AT ALL.  Monday was Track and Field day for my younger 2 school boys, Tuesday was Sam’s, today was Track and Field for the older two plus I had to shop for next week. 

Why you ask?

Well, don’t hate me but I am headed out of town ALONE with my beautiful 10 year old daughter on a class trip to Washington DC!  I say alone because it will FEEL that way!  I am so excited! Pray that Bee transitions well (I gotta weiner) and that I will be able to maybe nurse her a little while longer when I return. 

Are you sleeping and tired of reading yet?  Ok, well, when I get a chance to "talk" I really get ‘er done…


THIS is where I have been. But life is good.

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Girl, after all that, you deserve a trip ALONE (with 1 child, who can pretty much tend to herself).
I hope that you have a really blessed time with her and that Bee will still be able to nurse some for you. Are you going to pump and dump or what?

Comment by Gayle

Ohhhhh WELL…that explains it! (I have been missing your comments on my blog)
I can’t believe some stinkin’ thief violated you like that. I hope that low life gets what they deserve..uh I mean I will pray for their souls to repent!!!
Anyway…I hope you and Sissy have a super marvelous time! I will pray for the rest of your family too.
I bet you’re gonna keep all your important stuff in your bra for this trip!(Since you won’t need your boobs for anything alse~that should work out fine!)
Can’t wait to hear all about it!
BTW, We were praying for you in BS today…for your trip and all! (Kent was reminiscing about when she went to D.C. and left Amy at almost one. She said she cried every night. But she still had a blast!)

Comment by Andrea

Well, that’s nuthin’… my septic tank backed up on Sunday evening. And NO ONE pumps then. I finally got it fixed Monday evening… 24 hours of no drains, no toilets, no water going down any drains at all. Every towel in the house with raw sewage on it. Oh, and the sewage ran under the laminate wood flooring too… dunno what I’m gonna do about that(seriously considering pouring some bleach water under them lol). :::sigh:::

Comment by Kristi

Oh, Kim. UGH. I am so sorry. I lost my VISA the first day of our W’burg trip in Feb. and that was a pain enough and my own dumb fault. I am so sorry about all this! I wish we were closer… I’d bring a meal.

Comment by Meg

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