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This blog will self-destruct…
May 5, 2007, 10:25 pm
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Ok so remember I told you my stuff was stolen outta the truck and did I mention they got an old wallet with expired cards in it?  So, of course I had to cancel my Visa, my check card, etc and by the way I don’t even HAVE an ATM card.  (I’d eat out Chick fil a everyday if I had good access to one of those.)  Well they said new ones would be to me in 2-5 days.  That was Monday.  2 days would have been Wednesday.  5 days would have been Saturday.  Guess what?  Now it’s Saturday night and my cards didn’t come.  Big deal, right?  Did I mention that I’m leaving for DC with Sister on Monday?  Like, as in, BEFORE the mail comes?  I HAVE NO CARD TO TAKE ON THIS TRIP!!!  I hate cash, because I tend to blow through it. But I gotta eat and I gotta feed the girl too.

Oh, but I forgot what I was posting about…

Ok, so I pay a little every month for this blog.  I know I could get a free one, but I get to customize more things since I pay for this one.  Which, now that I think about it is a waste of money since I don’t even know how to do something cute.  (Note to self:  tell Mr. Grits I want him to get me a custom template for Mother’s Day.  Hey, you girls out there!  Why don’t YALL suggest it to him!  hahaha since he reads here… sometimes… )  ANYHOW… I got an email saying there had been a billing problem and it couldn’t charge my card so I have to change my billing info in about 3 more days or it will suspend my blog!  OH NO!  Well, I DON’T HAVE A NEW CC YET and I’m leaving to go out of town. So if it disappears, don’t worry.  It will be back when I actually get a credit card to bill it on.  I’m so annoyed.   

Thieves are such poop heads.  I’m so mad at that stupid druggie, God love him and bless his heart, for making things so complicated.  If he would have come up and just said, "Look, I’m gonna break in your car and get your stuff or you can just hand it over."  I’d be like, "Have it, thug, but could I keep my cards because that’s a royal pain."  Maybe he’d say yes.  But the point is, thieves aren’t NICE.  Boo.  And I know he didn’t want my cards because some got sent back to a local library (I gotta go pick them up) after someone found them on the side of the road in Huntsville and sent them to the library card address.  I’m gonna send that person a thank you note.  It was just a library card, and an old Sportslife ID card (from HIGH SCHOOL!), and something else.  Wish it was my social security card.  Wah. 

Now I’m just whining. 

Hey, we are going to church tomorrow for the first time in 3 weeks!  Hooray!  (Nursery duty, then 2 weeks of tournaments.)

Rambling… rambling… rambling.

OH and my house is clean!  Only because I stayed home from Jojo’s game which he won(in Huntsville again of all things.  NEVER do I wanna go back to that gol-forsaken city) and Sister and I are completely packed!  Woohoo!  NO laundry and NO cooking for 5 days!  😀

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What a pain!

I agree….thieves are poop heads.

Hope you have a fun time on your trip!

Comment by Caroline

You guys have fun on your trip, and if Sister asks you to cut up her food, you tell her NO!

Comment by Kristi

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