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I’m a LOOOserrrrrrrrr!
June 20, 2007, 9:35 pm
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Ok, so I didn’t want to say anything but my kids have been planning for weeks for this dessert contest we had at church tonight.  They each would have liked to made their own thing but I couldn’t afford that!  Three categories… apple pie; banana pudding; homemade ice cream.  Not a big hot fruit eater so I didn’t make pie.  Not a big banana fan so I didn’t make that.  The kids, however LOVE it so they decided that would be their dish.  (You do realize that when I say "the kids" I’m primarily meaning Sister and JD, right??)  I LOVE homemade ice cream so that was my deal.  I’ve been plotting for days what I could make.  Originally I wanted to do Kahlua with brownies but was x-nay’d by the elder-in-the-house.  (Hey, what fun is it being presbyterian if you can’t associate alcohol with church functions?  haha)  Then I wanted to do mint ice cream with brownies but Mr. Grits didn’t think brownies in ice cream sounded good and it was suggested by someone else that frozen brownies might be too chewy.  Maybe so.  So I began searching the internet for unusual but super-yummy ideas for homemade ice cream. 

Along the way, Mr. Grits began teasing me… "You aren’t gonna win that contest!  NO WAY!  In fact, I’ll say if you DO I’ll buy you a Dyson!" 

Game on! 

I knew he was teasing but knowing him, he’d have made good on it.  So for the past few days it’d come up and I’d be all, "Well we can’t do anything on Wednesday cuz I’m going to get my new vacuum!" and "Yeah, we got church that night after which I fully intend on winning me a new Dyson!"  We were talkin’ some serious trash.   

So late last night, I came across a place that gave me a neat idea… peanut butter ice cream with chocolate covered pretzel chunks in it.  Hm!  Different but sounds yummy!   So on the way back from Jojo’s late night U-13 team meeting, I called Mr. Grits and had him pick up some pretzels and dark chocolate chips and I embarked on my culinary adventure.  The mix came along real fine and I was feeling good.  The melty stuff tasted yum.  The pretzels were yummy too.  I love chocolate covered pretzels!  I put the creamy stuff in the fridge overnight to meld, and first thing this morning I started churning; I dumped my pretzle chunks in and finished churning then froze the whole mess in my deep freeze. 

Later I came up and supervised as the kids concocted their banana pudding.  I have to admit, it looked yummy! 

So we dropped off our entries at the church before 5:30, as told, and went home to get the rest of the crew ready for church. 

When it came time for the winners, I was hopeful but not confident… Lisa made Grape ice cream and Jennie Merritt made– of all things!– peanut butter cup ice cream.  Yum.  Some pretty stuff competition!  The winner was… Jennie Merritt!  Yay for her!  But there is still hope… there IS the grand prize winner….

For the banana pudding, I have to admit my pride… because my kids won!  I was really excited for them and wish they had been in there to hear their names announced. 

And then the grand prize winner…. went to LISA for the "frozen communion" ice cream (har har har) which really is super yummy!  (Good job, Lisa!  You really did deserve it!) 

But do the math, girls.  That means I came in LAST place.  Once again, I’m a LOSER!  So even though I pleaded my case to the judges about the Dyson… even though I trash talked… even though I tried really hard, I’m nothin but a loser. 

Oh well.  I’m a loser with a full belly cuz it was ALL good! 

No, seriously, it really was fun just to see the things people made and to eat super good food.  No losers in that way!   

(Hey, anyone wanna send this blog to the folks at Dyson and see if they’ll have compassion on me??)  

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I had some of your kids’ banana puddin’ and it was super yummy!!!! Sorry, didn’t try the icecream, I didn’t even know you had entered, or I would’ve had some!! And, I am the BIGGEST Loser because there were only 2 entries in the apple pie contest, mine and H.M.’s. H.M. won, and it wasn’t even a pie!!! It was an apple crisp! Does that even count??? No, I’m totally kidding since mine was actually just a Mrs. Smith’s apple pie with a cream cheese topping I mixed up for the top of it. Okay, enough with my long comment!

Comment by penny

All I can say is YUM!
I just bought an ice cream maker yesterday so maybe I should try your recipe.
Or maybe I should make the communion ice cream. 🙂

Comment by Meg

What fun that was! I really want you to have a Dyson and if there was money involved I would donate it to the “cause”. I’ll give you some more mixing bowls (my prize)and maybe you can sell your yummy ice cream to pay for the Dyson. By the way, I loved the pretzels – I love to crunch on anything.

Comment by Lisa

ok, do not give me that!! I entered my grandmother’s banana pudding and lost to CHILDREN! Actually, I think that is pretty neat! I am very proud of them! IF I liked ice cream,I would have tasted yours. It was very fun last night!!


Comment by Michelle

Sounds like a lot of fun! Glad you had fun.

Comment by Kristi

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