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Head trip
July 31, 2007, 8:54 pm
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I have had headaches since, oh, probably out of high school or early college.  I would get them daily in the afternoons.  Sometimes they were so blinding that I would just stay in my bed; other times I would have to take strong painkillers daily.  (No, I didn’t get addicted.  I really dislike the feeling of being on those things.)  They were not migraines and were not hormonal in orgin.  My doctor once even treated me for something called pseudotumor cerebra (I looked for a defination link here but there wasn’t one– that’s how weird it is!) which is where you have too much spinal fluid and it causes headaches, thinking that was the problem but we weren’t convinced. 

At one time we were all pretty sure that TMJ Disorder was the cause and I followed some "leads" down that trail but our insurance at the time wouldn’t pay for treatment.  Strangely, when I’m pregnant I don’t get headaches and I got pregnant during this time so I didn’t have to pursue expensive, uninsured treatment. 

I didn’t have trouble with my TMJ’s afterwards, but repeated bouts of tonsillitis during this time led me to an ENT who snatched my tonsils at the ripe old age of 31.  Months later, I still had sore throats with a vengance and when I went to a different ENT in the same practice, he asked me if I ever had headaches.  YES!!!  I know this is gross, but he looked in my nose (and you know I don’t like people touching me, much less in my face and even WORSE in my nose!) and told me I had huge turbinates.   (I said, "Um, thank you?")  They put me on antibiotics and allergy meds for a couple of weeks then did a CT to discover what turned out to be nasty sinus disease.  So I had big-time sinus surgery during which they repaired my innards and removed a "giant bone spur" back in my head. 

After irrigating my sinuses 6 times a day for 6 weeks (I have no life) I was much better and felt liberated!  About 3 months later, I started getting small headaches again that were manageable and I knew how to fix them now!   But eventually I went back for more imaging and they found a small area of scar tissue build up that was causing problems. 

But then I got pregnant and things were fine.  I don’t know why that happens but I’m not complaining.  Before, when I started getting headaches after a baby I would just get pregnant again and all was well!  But that’s not an option anymore, so I have to make some decisions here as I’m having headaches daily now.  I can’t live doped up like this, so I have made an appointment with my ENT for next Wednesday. 

I already know what’s going to happen– antibiotics, allergy meds, then a CT to see what is in my head.  Nothing from you wise-crackers here, I mean my sinuses.  Likely he will tell me I need a "small revision" and I’ll be back under the knife.  I dread it.  I have HAD HAD HAD it with the medical profession.  7 babies, 1 c-section, 1 D&C, 2 bouts of toxemia, 2 weeks of kidney stones, 1 bout of meningitis, 1 tonsillectomy, 1 sinus surgery, and I am OVER THIS.  I want to be healthy. 

So pray that if I do have to do this, that it will be fixed for keeps.  Pray, better yet, that my headaches will miraculously go away and I will be healed.  Life is too good to be stopped by this head trip.   


Enough sappy stuff
July 29, 2007, 4:25 pm
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Ok, so I’m going to summarize our wonderful time in Scotland for the legions who asked. 

To be honest it’s very difficult to do this.  On one hand it was amazing and thrilling.  On the other hand it was hard.  I don’t mean that in any way negative… but just to indicate that there are many valuable and rewarding things worth doing in life that are hard.  People keep saying, "Did you have fun?" as if we were on a sightseeing vacation.  We weren’t there for a vacation, although our wonderful hosts (hi Ken and Wilma!  We miss you!) spoiled us rotton and made it hard for us to board that plane home.  I still wish I was having my meals cooked and tea made for me daily by someone else.   It was really cool to go somewhere and live in someone else’s home for TEN DAYS (can you imagine hosting someone for 1o days?  That is a long time!!) and never feel like you have imposed.  I can nearly guarantee that I wouldn’t be so gracious if someone were in my house that long.   But to go a step further and be made to feel like you are home with your family?  That’s some feat.  So that part was "fun."

There certainly was a lot of laughter.  We laughed at the fact that we kept saying things were "pants" when that means "underwear" to them.  We loved finding out different phrases (and, um, hand gestures) mean different things.   I’m sorry that Lisa was reading that book by "Ms Flagg" and that it had such an alternate meaning. (GASP!)  We laughed everytime something happened in the car we’d all say, "Don’t tell Ken!"  We laughed upon seeing our American friends in kilts– and yes, I know my husband is a "fine figure of a man with nice calves." 

The time there was spent working a lot of the time– whether doing the HBC or cheering the boys on the field or washing dishes or for Mr. Grits preaching or talking theology with the locals, and many other things.  Not that some of these things are horrible because each of them was a joy.  But I think of my brother in law who just returned from Africa from a missions trip and was on a flight for 13 hours (yes, one flight) and then rode like 8 hours in a bus thru the rainy season up and down hills that had roads that were washed out and that was JUST to get there.  He got a bug of some sort there that kept him hovering over a pit latrine of squalor and rodents, and he did it all with joy– especially since he got to pray with a man to receive Christ on the last day.

Our trip was more "fun" than that.     

Yeah, our trip wasn’t steeped in that type of sacrifice but it WAS profitable!  From what I’m told, we were able to bless the "remnant" of believers there and encourage them.  I would venture to say that we were ALL challenged to live life in view of a holy God who has given so much to us.  The Bibles that our children raised money for did not arrive until after we left to come home, but even this was a blessing because now Joe (the pastor there) has the opportunity to take the Bibles to the children and visit their families in their homes– some of them, completely unchurched. 

Many of us there felt a strong, undercurrent (almost a riptide!) of spiritual warfare.  We had many of you at home praying, and some of us there– of both nationalities– were praying together for the victory in Christ which happened.  That was cool.  But fun?  Nope.  I was ready to come home to my sheltered life with my babies when that was going on.  Nevertheless I’m glad I stayed. 

We came home with a fond appreciation for our worship, our great pastor, and the body of BELIEVERS we have here at home.   It boggles the mind to visit a church where even the parishoners will tell you that many of their elders aren’t believers and never come to church but to serve communion.  Huh?  That is antithecal to everything we know in our sheltered existence in the deep South.   Our church is full of its own problems, for sure.  I’m not saying we are exempt by any means. 

I’m humbled by the welcome we received.  I’m overwhelmed by the love shown to us.  I’m broken by the children who would just crawl in our laps and cuddle with us.  But I’m encouraged by fellowship with the saints.  I’m blessed by the sensitivity to the Holy Spirit we shared with them.  I’m overwhelmed with the hospitality.  If that is all "fun" then, yeah, we had "fun."  🙂     

My little girl
July 28, 2007, 4:45 pm
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Lately I had discussed with Mr. Grits that I wondered if something was wrong with Bee.  I feel so stupid saying it now, but she is 13 1/2 months and not walking or talking and she really doesn’t interact that much with us. 

Today I took a nap, and when I woke up it was quiet in the house– two of the younger ones were napping and Mr. G had the rest upstairs quietly engaged in something, and I was just beginning to hear Bee stirring after a long nap.  She’s been sick with a sinus infection and pink eye and has been on oral antibiotics so she’s had some "bad diapers."  She took a really good nap and had slept through lunch, so when I heard her I went to go get her and she happily reached for me when I opened the door.  I took her to the kitchen and made her a bottle and some food and took her in the living room to feed her as I sat in the recliner. 

As I snuggled her I realized "what was wrong with her."  Usually I am racing around and will make her a bottle and drop her in the playpen to feed herself while I race about doing all the business of life.  But today, especially today, I snuggled her to my chest and let her dig her tiny finger in my mouth and pat my chin as she sucked down her bottle.   You see, today is the second anniversary of the birth of our baby John Knox who was born only into heaven.   Right about now, two years ago I lay sobbing in a ball in a hospital bed after handing off the son I never knew I wanted but would never get to hold again on earth.  From there, they would take him to a funeral home and prepare his teeny body for burial two days later.   It was horrible, I’m sure you can imagine.  My heart was broken for three months, until a spark of hope ignited upon finding out that unexpectedly beyond my plans that I was again, for the 7th time, pregnant.  I have been grinning for the most part ever since because of that teeny little girl that God sent to heal my broken heart.  She is such a joy.  But for so long, I have been so busy with the frantic pace of life that I have not basked in her baby-ness.  I have not taken the time to snuggle with her and give her a bottle.  Or set her in my lap and give her bites of avocado as she smiled in appreciation.   

Today, I had planned on locking myself in my room and opening "The Box."  It contains all the memorabelia from that horrible day 2 years ago.  I was going to bask in the brokenness for however long I needed to and cry and be miserable. 

But instead, I held my little girl close to my heart as she looked deeply in my eyes as she giggled deeply every time I gave her a bite of cheese grits. 

Yep, she’s my girl. 

Of all the great days in my life…
July 27, 2007, 10:19 pm
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… this is one day that holds a wonderful memory. 

11 years ago today my first daughter was born.  My first birth had been a c-section and this was a VBAC (born the old fashion way after a c-section) and so it was thrilling in that way but thrilling too that I now had a boy and a girl!  She came just 15 months after her brother so I had TWO babies and I loved it. 

Now I have a precious girl who is so helpful and loving.  She is very smart and a wonderful companion.  I enjoy her company so much and she is growing up to be a young lady who is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.  She is dependable, helpful, thoughtful and has a servant’s heart. 

Happy Birthday Sissy!  I love you!

Random Pics
July 26, 2007, 1:41 pm
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I have a hard time getting typepad to let me post a pic with a caption under it.  So I’m just going to put some pics in here with no captions– that way it’s anonymous that I can have pics of people who may be familiar or not to some of you but will definately not be if I don’t know you.  (It’s nothing personal.) 

100_0174_4 100_0252_2 100_0318_3

100_0384_2 100_0410

The universe is closing in…!
July 26, 2007, 12:14 pm
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Ok so we have a new Target in town and while it’s not "officially" open until July 29, it IS open, so when I got that piece of info by email this morning I knew we had to go by and see.  Besides, I needed some groceries and backpacks for the kids. 

So we looked and bought, and as I’m coming out 2 things happened at the same time…

I heard, "Kim-berly!!!!!!!!" (and it wasn’t my mom!) It was Caroline who I haven’t seen since I returned from Scotland.  (I do still plan to blog more about that, by the way!) 

The other thing that happened… are you ready for this?  A car stops in front of me and a lady asks, "Is Target open? (yes) Why do they have a sign out saying it’s not open until July 29? (I dunno?!)"  And then, hearing Caroline, she says, "Oh my gosh… are you Kim from Reformed Grits??"  (My head starts spinning a bit here…)  I told her (haha, haltingly and hesitantly) that yessss… that was me?!?!  She said, "You don’t know me… but I’m Jennifer from Wilson Six!"  NO WAY!  I mean, granted we knew we were from the same area but I’d been out of the loop for so long being gone I didn’t know she was going to be in town (since she lives in MISSOURI) and WHODATHUNKIT!!!  And then to weirdafy it a little more, she is IN the car with Jenn whose blog I also frequent!  So they park and we have 4 bloggers who all "happened" to "know" each other standing in front of a Target that wasn’t supposed to even be open… and I don’t think I’ve ever posted a pic of myself on my blog (she said she remembered the apron contest from long ago…) and she heard Caroline say my name and seeing me with 6 kids (big giveaway there!)– she "recognized" me. 


I’m glad she had her camera (send me a copy, Jennifer ok?) because otherwise who would have believed it. 

But of course that also meant that my 4 year old had picked out my clothes, I hadn’t showered, and I had NO makeup on…

But it was still very cool. 

Nice to meet yall!  I’m still a little freaked out at the unlikeliness of it all.  Wow, God!    

I’m home…
July 24, 2007, 3:10 pm
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Yes, I know it’s Tuesday, but we landed in Newark yesterday and received word that our flight home was cancelled.  And that we had to go to a hotel.  At our expense.  Thanks, Continental!  You REEK! 

We still don’t know why it was cancelled.  We ate dinner at the hotel (ICK) and tried our best to sleep until we had to wake up at 2:30 Newark time to catch our 5:30 flight.  Yes, AM.  We finally took off and headed to…


What was annoying (well another thing) was that we FLEW OVER our home to get to Texas.  (According to the map, I mean.) 

So after a 2 hour layover, some Schlotzky’s and ice cream, we arrived at our home airport at 12:05 PM.  Just 14 hours later than we were supposed to. 

I’m "shattered" (great discription, Wilma!) 

Details to come, I’m hoping, after I catch up on hugs and kisses and stories about what my precious ones did while we were gone (other than had pink eye and fevers.) 

SWEET home, Alabama!  😀