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Summer “Break”
July 3, 2007, 6:23 pm
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So we are on Summer Break, right?  Where everyone gets some time to relax, recoup, go on vacation, bbq with friends, play with the kids, and swim in the pool, right?  Are you enjoying yours? 

Good for you. 

I’ll be in a straight jacket by fall. 

Summer is my busiest season for my school job.  Setting up accounts; settling old ones; collecting fees, etc.  It isn’t as simple as it sounds!  Also, setting up the budget for the new fiscal year– I have to enter it, but it’s not as simple as it sounds either.  Lots of correspondance.  Lots of phone calls.  Let me say it again.  LOTS of phone calls.  My phone rings ALL DAY most days, and honestly since everyone knows I work from home, I get phone calls all hours of the night and weekends too!  Yes I do! 

I’m also getting geared up for Scotland.  I have piles of clothes at the foot of my bed– I had to go shopping this weekend, and I hate to shop, but I got a bunch of clothes for myself.  Along the way I had to weigh myself at my sister’s house, and thank-you-very-much I weighed just what I did when I got pregnant with Jojo 13 years ago!  WOOHOO!  Maybe that’s why I celebrated too much and spent too much money.

Which made me stress over money.  I hate the stuff.  I’m about to walk out the door to go to a store and get box springs for the boys’ room.  Remember the boys’ room?  Yeah, that was February that I started that and my little ones have been sleeping on mattresses on the FLOOR since then.  Yes, they survived.  And in the mean time the mattresses have been used for forts, goals, tents, and sometimes as weapons.  They have been stacked, dragged, and leaned against the wall on occasion.  I got to the point that I was afraid I would have to buy NEW ones if we didn’t start taking care of these.  So a good friend (Thanks, Michelle M!) said she had some twin beds she was itching to get rid of and I gratefully took them off her hands.  So tonite when my boys go to bed they will have some semblance of a bedroom instead of a room with 2 mattresses and a tv (which, I might add, is on the floor too!)

And lest you think I’m crazy for going nuts over three things in life right now, my beloved had a session meeting last night, tonight he is at soccer camp with Jojo, tomorrow he’s off for the 4th (PRAISE BE!), Thursday night he has class and we are swimming with the cousins, and Friday night we are having a "every one is welcome to come" pool party.  If you live here and know me, yall come to the "local" pool, and you know what I’m talking about, and bring cook out food for your family and some sides to share.  It’s just folks getting together and nothing formal or planned.  We’ll put you on our visitor’s list. 

This is our last weekend before leaving next Friday.  WOW.  I can’t believe it!    


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Girl, you are crazy busy. We may join y’all on Friday…lemme check with Mark.

Comment by Gayle

Look skinny girl…I don’t understand WHY people have to call and bug you so much. Just tell them to pay their money and be quiet about it! 😉
As far as Friday night, I am sure we will be there.

Comment by Andrea

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