Reformed Grits

Workin’ it out

It’s coming together (mwah ha ha…)

I mean, you know, details.  This weekend I made a list of everything that needed to be done before we left and I pulled up my handy Bill’s Calendar and put on each day this week my "goals" for the day.  So far today, I have scratched off everything for today and some of the things for tomorrow.  Of course 37 new things have popped up that must be put on the calendar but it’s all good. 

I’m amazed at how the little things I’ve prayed for have been answered this week.  I had been praying for provision for just little things and God has answered them in a way that cheerfully reminds me who my Daddy is. 

I finished school stuff today, found out about exchanging currency, went to the bank, did laundry, more school stuff, went to the school with checks… twice… and now I’m cooking dinner so that Jojo and I can go to his school’s Ice Cream Social… the big initiation in to Logic School.  (Dum, dum DUUHHHMMMM!!!)

On a funny note, Sugie was writing her name and I said, "Who’s my smart girl?"  She rolled her eyes, and said, "Sister…." 

Guess I need to spread the praise a little better… 😉


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Too funny.

Comment by kelli

Very funny!! I’m praying for you and all of the Grits family as you prepare to leave. I’m sure you’ll have everything done with time to spare!

Comment by penny

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