Reformed Grits

Today, randomly
July 10, 2007, 10:54 pm
Filed under: All things Scottish, Family, Life, What's she up to now?

Woke up late

Cooked breakfast

Cleaned the kitchen

Made phone calls

Answered Grand Central Station phone

Attempted a quiet time

Worked on computer

Did last school item on my list

Took all kids to the school for errand

And then to the pool

Ran from rain to shelter

Lay in the sweltering sun

Made MORE lists

Ran from rain to shelter… again

Lay in the sweltering sun more

Made a pizza run

Lay in the sweltering sun again

Went home

Cleaned up an overflowed poopy potty ICK

Put the kids to bed


Straightened up

Took Jojo and 2 others to meet Mr. Grits for soccer practice

Went home because, you guessed it, cancelled because of rain

Cooked dinner

Ran to the grocery

Took dinner to a friend

Held a fresh baby

Prayed God would give me another one (yes, I know, we are fixed, but God is STILL sovereign!)

Picked up 60 pounds I hope to lose in Scotland (think money, haha)

Came home

Cleaned up kitchen

Had a BIG glass of merlot

Played with kids

Mopped floors on bottom level

Cleaned up downstairs bathroom

Disinfected upstairs bathroom floor that was nastified by overflow today

Made another list

Did a random blog of no interest to anyone

Showered the nastiness off me

Fell over in the bed.

(I’m sure there is more here but I have no brain cells left.)   

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I think I was talking to Becky when you arrived with dinner. Isn’t her baby so cute!

I hope this rain will stop by Fri. I need some sweltering sun!

When are you leaving again? Sat?

Comment by Andrea

Just a heads’ up….
I was at WM today and thought of you. There are pink and blue new testaments on the clearance isle for $1 each. I thought about getting some for you. But I don’t think I could get them to you before you leave. Maybe your WM has them on sale too? You (or someone else) might want to check it out?

Comment by MamaLady

And you wonder why you couldn’t remember you saw me? You are on overload and will unwind tomorrow on the way to NY! Woo hoo – I’m weighing my luggage now!

Comment by Lisa

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