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July 19, 2007, 12:50 pm
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ok, so here i am again with difficulty in using capital letters bc of keyboard changes so bear with me!  we have had a smashing week and are loving every wee bit of time we have here.   heehee
sorry i havent had much time to post.  we have been super busy and running to and fro.  our hbc has been great and we have had up to 18 kids which was good.  one place we had it they said up to 12 and we had 17 and the other they said up to 30 but have had 18 fairly consistently.  the kids are having a ball and we have been able to fill the time in a good way.   we have one more morning left and then will be done with holiday club.   Lynda and Kristi, yall need to buy dave, paul, and ed some play doh for christmas.  we could hardly tear it out of their hands; dave B really bonded with some of the wee ones.  they really loved him. 

our hosts are amazing.  we love them dearly and feel totally spoiled here.  they are wonderful people and are so thankful they have been taking care of us.  they have encouraged us and blessed us in so many ways. 

last night we had dinner (well, everyone called it tea but it was a meal)  at one of the elder’s house.  the house was nearly 100 years old and was really big.  the gardens were lovely but it’s been cold and raining a good bit of the time so we weren’t really able to enjoy them.

afternoons have been filled with the guys on the pitch playing football (soccer.)  2 years ago we had great turn out and were able to play world cup everyday but only up to 4 locals have shown up so it was a wee bit disappointing for our crew but nevertheless they are all having fun.  today was the last day of football.  Mr. grits is very sore and has toasted the end of his scottish football career.  bittersweet for him. 

this afternoon, andrea our host pastor’s wife invited lisa and i to go into perth (about 25 minutes away)  to run some errands which was fun and i was able to find a cute teapot and some other fun things.  good times.  on the way back to the village we stopped and picked up a punnett of rasps (think a pint of raspberries) from a local farm.  £1.25 ($2.50)  for that so be jealous.  they were big as strawberries and burst with juice in my mouth.  I ate over half on the way home.  i’ll pay for that.  but we are having haggis for dinner (smell those neeps cooking as i write!  neeps are turnips — not the greens– and you eat haggis with tatties –potatoes which are also grown in this village– and neeps.)  lisa is scared to death but should be good fun watching her.  we are all laughing about it. 

tomorrow after our last holiday club our friends here are taking us for a wee trip to st. andrews.  the weather is supposed to be nasty on saturday so we want to get it in while we can.  right.  that night we will have our ceilidh (say kay-lee) and that will be fun.  think barn dancing to polka music.  it’s a blast and i plan on burning off my haggis doing it.  🙂  saturday is free so i dont know what we will do that day if we do st andrews tomorrow, but knowing these fine folks they will have something up their sleeves.  sunday AM mr. grits will be preaching in 2 different churches and then for burrelton’s sunday night evening service too.  he’s preached twice in a day before but never 3 times so that will be exhausting. 

so that’s the news for now.  sorry i havent posted sooner.  what a blast.  it’s been great and i hope i can figure out why my battery for the camera isnt charging so i can get some pictures.  no worries,  lisa is taking lots of pics. 

4 days left and i have lots of shopping to do!

kiss my kids for me if you see them.


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Oh wow…I read that with a Scottish accent. Yes I did.

And I can kiss 4 of them since they are here having a great time. In fact they are outside in this 100 degree weather playing some kind of spy game with the neighbors. I have 12 kids at my house and I still have my wits about me. 😉

Gotta go…your “wee” one is up from her afternoon nap. She and Eviebee are having a great time in crawling races and “lovin” on each other. It is fun to put down cheerios on the floor and watch them woof them down. Good times.

Did you get my picture I sent you???

Comment by Caroline

Hey girlfriend…I’m with Caroline, you can hear the Scottish in that post a wee bit..LOL! Hurry home, we miss you! Glad that you are having a blessed time, though. We are praying for all of you.

Comment by Gayle

You are so loving it aren’t you?
Miss you! Hey, thought you might like to know Joshua is “in” my drama club. How could I leave him on the “waiting list?”
Never! See you soon!

Comment by Wendy

Oh I am just a wee bit jealous at all the fun you’re having!!!
Bring me home some nips and rasps!(Can you believe I have never had turnip greens or fresh raspberries?)

We missed you tonight at Nancy’s! I had black-eyed peas for the first time too! Yummy!

Comment by Andrea

Thanks for the update. Ya’ll be safe.

Comment by Kristi

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