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I’m home…
July 24, 2007, 3:10 pm
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Yes, I know it’s Tuesday, but we landed in Newark yesterday and received word that our flight home was cancelled.  And that we had to go to a hotel.  At our expense.  Thanks, Continental!  You REEK! 

We still don’t know why it was cancelled.  We ate dinner at the hotel (ICK) and tried our best to sleep until we had to wake up at 2:30 Newark time to catch our 5:30 flight.  Yes, AM.  We finally took off and headed to…


What was annoying (well another thing) was that we FLEW OVER our home to get to Texas.  (According to the map, I mean.) 

So after a 2 hour layover, some Schlotzky’s and ice cream, we arrived at our home airport at 12:05 PM.  Just 14 hours later than we were supposed to. 

I’m "shattered" (great discription, Wilma!) 

Details to come, I’m hoping, after I catch up on hugs and kisses and stories about what my precious ones did while we were gone (other than had pink eye and fevers.) 

SWEET home, Alabama!  😀


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WELCOME home! SO thankful for your safe travel and so anxious to hear ALL about your journey!

Comment by Meg

YEAH!!! Glad you’re back! DH has been flying Continenal lately and had a flight cancelled a few weeks ago. He managed to snag a flight to Knoxville and rent a car to Chattanooga… a PAIN though.

Can’t wait to hear all about it!

Comment by Kristi

Glad you’re home! I hope you can get some rest!

Comment by penny

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