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Head trip
July 31, 2007, 8:54 pm
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I have had headaches since, oh, probably out of high school or early college.  I would get them daily in the afternoons.  Sometimes they were so blinding that I would just stay in my bed; other times I would have to take strong painkillers daily.  (No, I didn’t get addicted.  I really dislike the feeling of being on those things.)  They were not migraines and were not hormonal in orgin.  My doctor once even treated me for something called pseudotumor cerebra (I looked for a defination link here but there wasn’t one– that’s how weird it is!) which is where you have too much spinal fluid and it causes headaches, thinking that was the problem but we weren’t convinced. 

At one time we were all pretty sure that TMJ Disorder was the cause and I followed some "leads" down that trail but our insurance at the time wouldn’t pay for treatment.  Strangely, when I’m pregnant I don’t get headaches and I got pregnant during this time so I didn’t have to pursue expensive, uninsured treatment. 

I didn’t have trouble with my TMJ’s afterwards, but repeated bouts of tonsillitis during this time led me to an ENT who snatched my tonsils at the ripe old age of 31.  Months later, I still had sore throats with a vengance and when I went to a different ENT in the same practice, he asked me if I ever had headaches.  YES!!!  I know this is gross, but he looked in my nose (and you know I don’t like people touching me, much less in my face and even WORSE in my nose!) and told me I had huge turbinates.   (I said, "Um, thank you?")  They put me on antibiotics and allergy meds for a couple of weeks then did a CT to discover what turned out to be nasty sinus disease.  So I had big-time sinus surgery during which they repaired my innards and removed a "giant bone spur" back in my head. 

After irrigating my sinuses 6 times a day for 6 weeks (I have no life) I was much better and felt liberated!  About 3 months later, I started getting small headaches again that were manageable and I knew how to fix them now!   But eventually I went back for more imaging and they found a small area of scar tissue build up that was causing problems. 

But then I got pregnant and things were fine.  I don’t know why that happens but I’m not complaining.  Before, when I started getting headaches after a baby I would just get pregnant again and all was well!  But that’s not an option anymore, so I have to make some decisions here as I’m having headaches daily now.  I can’t live doped up like this, so I have made an appointment with my ENT for next Wednesday. 

I already know what’s going to happen– antibiotics, allergy meds, then a CT to see what is in my head.  Nothing from you wise-crackers here, I mean my sinuses.  Likely he will tell me I need a "small revision" and I’ll be back under the knife.  I dread it.  I have HAD HAD HAD it with the medical profession.  7 babies, 1 c-section, 1 D&C, 2 bouts of toxemia, 2 weeks of kidney stones, 1 bout of meningitis, 1 tonsillectomy, 1 sinus surgery, and I am OVER THIS.  I want to be healthy. 

So pray that if I do have to do this, that it will be fixed for keeps.  Pray, better yet, that my headaches will miraculously go away and I will be healed.  Life is too good to be stopped by this head trip.   

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Ever tried a chiropractor? I know several people who’ve gotten great relief with repeated visits to a chiropractor. Just a suggestion. And I will be praying for you. I know headaches are NO FUN!!

Comment by Kristi

Headaches are the worst. Hopefully things will be a quick fix for you.

Comment by Gayle

What a bummer ;-( I remember how miserable you were when you got your last sinus surgery and had the joys of irrigation and yano.. I have known you so long that I remember most of those medical things! Don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing . You certainly have been through your share. I will be praying that it is an easy fix with an easy recovery for you!

Comment by Angie

I am sorry about the headaches. I had meningitis and that was no fun…you will find this funny. They did a MRI and CT Scan, when I had meningitis and found out I have no Corpus Collosum ( I have included a link about it. Anyway, most people who are born with this are disabled, and only a few are very healthy. I was the lucky one. My mom had 3 miscarages before having me. Just thought I would share. Happy Wednesday!!!

Comment by Chrissy

Just reading this is giving me a bit of a headache. I can totally sympathize..I will pray for a miraculous healing!

Comment by Andrea

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