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I don’t care who ya are…
August 19, 2007, 12:58 pm
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it’s just fun to win.   And so you could say it’s been a really fun weekend, albeit very busy!

Saturday the kids had so much fun at the cub scout field day!  There were fun games and relays and they had a great time and ate lots of popsicles.  Great plan to have lots of things inside and the tent with millions of ice pops.  Thanks Caroline and Stephen!  Good job! 

From there we travelled across town for Jojo’s game 2 of this weekend’s tournament.  They won like 7-0.  They smoked ’em and had ’em for lunch.  Good times.  🙂

We came home to a short rest then got dressed to go to Jojo’s sock hop!  We had a great time and I think all the kids did too.  Great fun and I enjoyed watching him and chatting with MY friends.  We got home late and just vegged out in front of Survivorman until we decided we really had a big day the next day and needed to go to bed. 

Today we got up and ate quickly to be out across town for yet another game at 8:45.   It was a super game and we were very well matched… but we pulled out another one when one of our guys did a corner kick which curved and sailed into the goal!  GOOOAAAALLLLL!  It was beautiful!  It was so smokin’ hot there– a field with no trees, no shade, and there were no clouds.  We are packing water bottles with ice and they melt within moments of leaving the vehicle.  It’s great fun, and now we have to be back to play in the championship match at 3.  I don’t know how we will do but I’m guessing it’s going to be a great game!!!

And did I mention that Katie is in town for her sister in law’s wedding last night and I won’t even get to see her?  That stinks.  But if you had read the comments yesterday you know that… hahaha

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thereeee we go!!!! 🙂

Comment by Katester

Glad everyone is enjoying school. Sounds like you are busy with all the tournaments!! Try to stay cool!!!

While at the beach a week ago the heat index was 115!! I can’t believe the kids are playing sports in that kind of heat!!

Here in Missouri the kids are not allowed to play at recess if the temp is hotter than 90 degrees. It finally dropped yesterday so Hayden was excited to be able to play on the playground.

Hope you are doing well!!

Comment by Jennifer

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