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Just to irritate Gayle
August 22, 2007, 9:09 pm
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I just read over at Gayle’s how she hates to go grocery shopping with her crew.  Ok, I had to post this just for blog-fodder but I really do like to go for groceries with my kids. 

For one, I love to answer the questions in front of them.  When people say, "Wow, are they all yours?"  I say, "Yes, aren’t they wonderful?"  or if they say, "Better you than me!"  I say, "I think so too!  I am so thankful for them."  I am not the best at "strokes" for my kids.  It does not come easy for me to love on them and hug on them and tell them I think they are wonderful but I do see that as an open door and I try (TRY) to walk through it. 

Another reason I like going with them to the store is that we keep moving.  I keep to my list WAAAY better when they are with me because of consistency.  "Mom can we get this?"  "No, it’s not on my list!"  End of story.  If they start begging, I just tell them that we are only buying things on my list.  Strangely, it usually ends it.  Of course I do get, "Mom, are gummy bears on your list?"  Not so much. 

Another reason it moves quickly is because Jojo pushes the buggy while I walk ahead of it picking things out to put in.  No pushing the buggy, stopping to peruse the shelves, reaching and putting in the buggy.  He pushes at a slow pace while playing with the baby and I march ahead at a clip; the kids follow me while I hand them things to put in. 

Lastly the best reason of all, is that my kids not only put the groceries in the truck for me, take the cart back, and take the groceries upstairs for me, but they also put them away for me!  They actually like to do it and it’s happened with very few mishaps.  I only have one child who is a hazard at the whole thing (he dropped a double pack of A1 from Sam’s–oooh, that hurt, and once put a bottle of wine in the freezer where it consequently exploded!  What a mess!)  but overall they do a good job.

I always dread going back to the grocery after school starts.  It’s lonely and I have to do all the work, and inevitably I spend too much money!   


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yeah, bascially ur kids rock!! they really do! I was there when u found the wine in the freezer!!! that was funny…not really funny at the time, but funny now! lol! Ok, so maybe this is why, every time Sissy and Sugie went with me to the grocery store they walked behind me!!!! I was like um, no really u can walk WITH me! lol!!!

Comment by katie

Ok, you WIN…you are the Grocery Store QUEEN!!
I still hate it.

Comment by Gayle

you’re a winner 🙂

Comment by Katester

If I take my 3 children I get comments about it, so you are definitely someone to be admired!

You’ve also made me realise that I never have help putting the shopping away and it’s such an easy thing for the children to do.

I think I’ll try that one.

Comment by Sue

Clearly, you are a teacher, because I get exhausted just thinking how hard it would be (and how long it would take) to teach my three to do all that stuff! My boys are in their own little world at the store!

Comment by distybug

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